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Hi, I have actually a 12 ga do by CBC (model sb)in Brazil, imported by F.I.E in Miami, FL...I understand F.I.E makes pistols, but can`t find any type of listing because that this gun..I would appreciate any kind of info provided..Thanks..

CBC supplied to be partly owned through Remington. I have actually a Remington model 812 solitary shot 410 made by CBC. I believe they were never ever marketed in the US and also most the the ones right here came through Canada.

Humm....... :roll: Remington,Boito & CBC? perhaps that"s where they got the idea because that the Express! :lol: :lol:
Humm....... :roll: Remington,Boito & CBC? probably that"s whereby they gained the idea because that the Express! :lol: :lol:
silverfox wherein in pa are you cause i sold one of those guns a pair years back and i also am native pa, and i have never heard anyone else even mutter anything about a 12 ga choose this
I gained the gun native a male who lives a couple of miles indigenous Punxsutawney..The one I have is a single shot-break open, 3" modified...
Humm....... :roll: Remington,Boito & CBC? maybe that"s wherein they gained the idea because that the Express! :lol: :lol:
Remington and also ICI were investors in CBC Brazil between 1936-1979. Well before the development of the 870 to express in 1987. Magtech is a CBC brand the perhaps much more Americans are familiar with.Here"s the English page: ... Ade38137c5CBC right now makes a .22 rifle imported through Mossberg as the "Plinkster". Definitely the worst rimfire ns have ever tried.

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FIE doesn"t do anything... They are an importer.No idea that CBC is, but FIE has actually a call for pass in cheap guns that no one else has heard that before...
Very true FIE. To be (Firearms import Export) situated in FL. It"s true lock did not make anything,but imported alot that cheap guns. Largely from south America. They walk bankrupt numerous years ago. I do not understand who CBC is.RON
Ok, nevermind the one i sold was approximately the new castle area, and also it was a pump 12 ga, really nice wood stock and also a real nice plum feather blueing ~ above the barrel
Humm....... :roll: Remington,Boito & CBC? possibly that"s where they gained the idea for the Express! :lol: :lol:
I to be curious, so i did a bit more research. Remington and CBC once had a connection, yet Boito"s link lies through Beretta, not huge Green.As stated previously, Remington and ICI were investors in the Brazilian agency CBC between 1936-79. CBC is now best known in the USA for your Magtech ammunition and also the low finish .22 autoloaders imported by Mossberg as the "Plinkster".Boito is different Brazilian eight maker. They have actually sold weapons under the ERA, IGA, and Boito names. Your SxS and O/U are currently imported by Stoeger together the Uplander and also Condor, respectively. Of course, Stoeger is a Beretta own brand. prefer the "global economy" began a lengthy time ago!