Ms. Anders agrees to donate she aborted son to stem-cell research. Yet the truck moving the fetuses crashes with a guardrail, and Cartman discovers the wreckage in the snow.

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Cartman find a rap that will certainly buy his fetuses, only to discover that stem-cell research has been banned.

The boys go come visit Kenny in the hospital and Stan can"t manage seeing him like that. Cartman vows to find a cure because that Kenny"s disease.

Cartman sends out Butters to interrupt the guys from lighting cow-pies top top fire come tell lock he uncovered 33 aborted fetuses worth your weight in gold.

Cartman and also Kenny don"t display up for school. Kyle and also Stan find out that Kenny has actually a terminal condition and is more than likely going to die.

Cartman is so no hope to discharge his fetuses the tries selling them together shrimp. When the boys arrive at his house Butters takes end the telemarketing.
Eric goes come the research lab come learn an ext about stem cells and also how they could save Kenny"s life. Now he must uncover a method to sway the federal government to revoke the ban.
The Make-a-Wish structure shows increase to give Kenny his last huge wish, but all he desires is not to die. Lock send that Madonna.
Stan wonders why God would offer us noþeles if he"s only going to take it it away. Chef describes that God wants us to cry since he demands our tears to feel powerful.
Cartman tries to guide the federal government to revoke the ban on stem cabinet research and save Kenny"s life. The moves every one of Congress to sing together with him.
Cartman has encouraged the government to lift the ban and also has staked himself out front the "Unplanned Parenthood," trying come get people to donate their fetuses come research.
Stan lastly musters up the courage come go watch Kenny, but he"s also late. Cartman offered up every the infant fetuses come replicate his very own Shakey"s Pizzeria.
Butters" dad find his wife all set to hang herself. He speak her out of it only to discover she has sent butter to his death.
Butters" Parents decision to come clean and also tell anyone what horrible, lying, perverted, crazy, murdering, lying scumbags they yes, really are.
Butters" mother is curious regarding what she"ll get his year for she anniversary and also enlists butters to spy on his dad.
Inspector butter comes residence with a complete report because that his mom on she husband"s whereabouts, which include a gay porn theatre and also male bath house.
As Butters" mom paints to get whatever clean, she realizes the only method to clean butter is to kill him.
Mrs. Stotch saves Butters native being raised by a noble pervert by sending him in the lake, locked in a car.

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