Photo: very magnetic objects attaching to the handheld magnet, if non-ferrous metals or non magnetic metals that execute not contain iron merely hang loose.

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MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging, which means that we usage a very big and solid magnet to take it pictures. Because we room using a huge magnet, we have to take a very close look at any kind of metal objects that need to get in the scan room. For this reason we use terms such together MR Safe, grandfather Conditional, and also MR Unsafe in our department. Even little objects such as an ink pen need to be evaluated prior to entering the scan room.


MR safe is characterized as any kind of object, device, implant, or devices that poses no well-known hazards in the MRI environment., meaning they have actually no magnetic pull and also are perfectly for sure to enter the MRI scan room without any worries. Some examples are items that are made of plastic, gold, sterling silver, titanium. Our engineers pay an extremely close attention to things you may have and also will ask girlfriend to eliminate it prior to entering our scan rooms for your safety. Our tools in the scan rooms will have a eco-friendly sticker on castle that clearly state that it is safe to it is in in the scan room.


MR conditional is characterized as things that has been prove to posture no recognized hazards in a specified MR setting with specified problems of use. This means that a medical professional or technologist will certainly pay close fist to the item. Part objects, devices, implants, and equipment require special safety steps when entering the scan room. Some gadgets or implants may have actually special instructions and can only be done in particular scanners, so being patient and also understanding is a huge help to us to certain you and your child’s safety. Also, some of our equipment used in the scan room is only conditional. You may see ice on the floors in the scan room that indicate the distance in ~ which the tools must stay away native the machine to certain safety. The mr conditional devices will also have a visible sticker on that to recognize that we should take these unique measures.


MR Unsafe is identified as things that is recognized to pose hazards in all MRI environments. These are objects, devices, implants, and also equipment space not under any circumstances able to enter the MRI scan room. These space items that are extremely magnetic, or devices/implants the are documented to be unsafe to obtain an MRI.

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It is very important because that you to tell us around any objects, devices, or implants girlfriend may have inside and outside of her body. Each item requirements to be evaluated prior to going into our scan rooms. Things favor cellphones, jewelry, and, yes, even credit cards need to be securely placed in a locker we administer for you prior to entering the scan room. Any implants girlfriend may have need come be carefully looked at by ours physicians and technologists to recognize any type of special circumstance we may need to take because that you and your children safety. Never ever be afraid to ask us questions around anything. MRI safety is a priority at Cincinnati Children’s.