I know I will certainly be issued army glasses after my eye exam, however up until I obtain them, to be I allowed to wear call lens in reception?

I do have actually civilian glasses but they are incredibly outdated, never bothered to update them because I have been attract contacts because that years.

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I heard reception deserve to take around a week or more, so i was reasoning there's a great chance ns wouldn't get my eye exam or glasses because that a couple of days.


For what that worth, ns wore my contact through many of straightforward training and didn’t get in problem for it/drill sergeants didn’t notice. You’re technically not allowed to wear them though. Ns did it since my depth perception and also peripheral vision is far better wearing contacts and it helped me shoot. That and glasses space annoying.

Definitely nothing wear them through the gas room though.

Curious, just how did friend sneak it in? I believed they inspect your bags and also make you litter away/lock things up the items no permitted prior to moving from reception to BCT?

I’d to speak it’s ill advised to wear them at BCT, yet definitely carry them because that AIT. Less dirt and all relying on your mos

Wear her contacts because that reception. Carry your lens case and also solution and also an extra pair the lenses. You should acquire your armed forces glasses approximately day 5. Perform not even attempt to wear her contacts once you get to her training company. Litter away the pair you were wearing and also lock her spare pair up through your an individual gear. You can be enabled to stay them because that graduation.

Edit: bring your glasses just in case yet you more than likely won’t need to use them.

Honestly, while friend can, friend are probably going to acquire shit because that it (as unfair as that is). The first rule is to mix in, so i would simply suffer through the crappy old glasses instesd of showing up with only contacts. That's what i did. I never ever used to wear glasses, but I provided my old pair instead of contacts during reception. Technically, you are permitted to in most cases, yet with every the other shit going on and also everything, i would fairly not stand the end imo.

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Something that i heard from an old military medic (so take it this v a grain of salt) was the the reason they don't want you to wear contact lenses during basic was for the gas chamber. Something about the cs gas fusing the lense to her eye or miscellaneous crazy.

Yes, stay them until then. I wouldn’t wear castle in basic. I have worn contacts for 11 years and just wore the glasses the authorize me through training