If you have ever before worn a sagging swimsuit, then you know just how a little extra room deserve to make you look prefer you have a wet diaper. And as unflattering together this watch is, the is nowhere together scary together the believed of her saggy swimsuit slipping and exposing your necessities to the entire world.

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And while you might write the swimsuit off and also get a brand-new one, you can shrink the swimsuit and also give it a new lease that life. The idea can sound farfetched, yet it is easier than friend think. Keep reading to learn just how to make your extended out swimsuit fit girlfriend better;


How to deal with a swimsuit the is too bigUsing warmth to shrink your swimsuit

How to fix a swimsuit that is too big

To shrink her swimsuit, you deserve to use exceptionally hot water, yet you must consider other factors. For starters, you need to realize to various fabrics cannot withstand particular temperatures.

Using warm to shrink your swimsuit

Shrinking cotton and also cotton blends is much less complicated than shrinking fabricated fabrics. This is due to the fact that extremely high temperature may damages the elasticity of artificial materials or also melt the fabric.

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Method 1 – shrinking cotton and also cotton blends

This method for shrinking swimsuits is just for swimsuits made the end of cotton and cotton blends. Cotton and also cotton blend fabrics shrink as soon as exposed to incredibly hot temperatures.

Pure cotton shrinks much much better than cotton blends. Since cotton fibers will recoil more than fabrics the contain cotton, among other varieties of fibers, this method you need to vary the strategy slightly when handling a mixed cotton blend.

Items needed

Clothes dryerA kitchen sink or tub/ bucketWaterBleach-free detergent


Fill a tub/ bucket or your kitchen sink with heat water (preferably closer to hot).Then add detergent come the water.Wash your swimsuit in warmth soapy water and let that sit because that a few minutes.Then wash the swimsuit in equally heat water.Then usage the dryer to dried the costume ~ above high warmth if made of pure cotton and also low warmth if do of cotton blend fabric.Leave your swimsuit in the dryer because that at least 50-minutes until it is completely dry.By the finish of the dry process, your costume should be smaller.Then placed on her swimsuit and also enjoy the snug to the right look.Method 2 – shrinking polyester and other man-made fabric

This method can be supplied to shrink spandex, polyester, nylon, and also lycra-based swimsuits. But you have to be extra careful when setup the temperature as result of the minimal maximum temperature selection of man-made fabrics.

To shrink polyester and others, wash them in a washing maker and dry them using a apparel dryer. The washing temperature have to not exceed 230 degrees Fahrenheit, when the drying temperature must not exceed 180 levels Fahrenheit. Wash the swimsuit while the is rotate inside the end to safeguard the color.

If done right, friend should be able to make the bottom that a shower suit smaller after just one cycle. However, if girlfriend buy a swimsuit made the end of stretchy fabric, you have to not have to worry around sagging if girlfriend buy the right swimsuit size.


If either of the methods does no work, you may have to consider cinching in the swimsuit using a needle and also thread. This is much much more time-consuming and also detail-oriented than merely washing the swimsuit to make it smaller.

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Always psychic that using these techniques to make her swimsuit look at smaller might not work. Depending on how worn the end the yarn in the swimsuit are and also the towel blend content. Some fibers are much more resistant come shrinking than others.