Would a bolt activity 17 hmr be capable of shooting 17 hm2 ammunition? HM2 ammo is method cheaper, and it would certainly be nice to have actually the a

Would a bolt action 17 hmr be qualified of shoot 17 hm2 ammunition? HM2 ammo is method cheaper, and it would be quite to have the a

Would a bolt activity 17 hmr be qualified of shooting 17 hm2 ammunition? HM2 ammo is method cheaper, and also it would certainly be quite to have actually the ability to change. Thx MGC


Nope. Those room two totally different rounds, through different amounts of powder and case size. An extremely unsafe, if it would also chamber.

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No, the HMR ring is based upon the .22 mag case and also the HM2 round is based on the .22 LR case. They perform NOT interchange!

Montgomery the dont issue what form of total you shot to use the cartridges room not through any way interchangeable ! you want cheaper purchase a suturing .22 lengthy rifle the is qualified of shoot long"s and short"s . The 17hmr and also the 17 hm2 cant be switched in any kind of gun ever .
if the hmr is based upon the mag case and also the hm2 is based upon the lr,what is the reason they i do not know interchange?a 22 mag will shoot a lr round.the hm2 has lower push right?it seems favor its nearly the same comparison to me.but i have no suffer with it,it just caught my attention.
oh i c..I thought that the covering casing was the same diameter. I just know that say a .357 mag revolver can shoot 38 distinct bullets, and also other magnum cartridges are also compatible... Thx because that the aid guysMGC
the shell case is the very same diameter.if i read right the hm2 is a bit longer right?i dont see why because the hmr is based on the 22 mag case which is much longer than the hm2 mother case the 22 long rifle.can anyone melted light on this ns dont have a spec book and also found nothing around it other than wikipedia and it simply dont jive.
4trx300 they space not interchangeable because they are small bottle necked shouldered cases . And the hm2 is a lot much shorter than the hmr so if you try to fire the in the hmr the entirety front the the case is left unsupported . So when you fire it the brass will shot to to fill the the void in the chamber because of its smaller dimension case and basically blow up in the chamber ,which cases are not supposed to execute . Room you adhering to me now ?
thanks cooner,i recognize now.someone requirements to get with wikipedia and collection those males straight .they state the hm2 is longer when the isnt,i require to obtain a publication on this stuff for reference sometime.once again thanx
4trx300 no trouble . I am not really certain of any books out there turn off the peak of mine head however there should be some point kicking approximately , good luck in your search.

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