answered by Tracie Shortridge, associate WriterThe archipelago of Cuba and Jamaica room not only located in the same an ar but us are virtually next door neighbours!Cuba is located approximately 381 kilometres phibìc of Jamaica in air travel time. ~ above average, a straight trip to Cuba indigenous Jamaica bring away a expression of one hour. Paris from Kingston, the the next Cuban city to Jamaica is Santiago de Cuba which is located roughly 262 kilometer northwest. Cuba is by far numerous times bigger than Jamaica. One might conclude the the entire island the Jamaica can get shed in just one city that Cuba. The is certainly quite a intuitive of the creative thinking that would certainly make an exciting event.However, the land framework of Cuba is characterized by flat and also rolling plains with a few mountains starting from 2,000 feet high and one hill reaching a maximum elevation of 6,000 feet high, named Pico Turquino. Though lush and tropical prefer a vast amount that Caribbean Islands, Jamaica has actually been blessed with hills and valleys spanning across much the the island which enables it the privilege the beautiful nature-filled views of not just the island’s beauty but additionally the Caribbean Sea and beyond.Beyond… hmmmLet’s dissect “beyond”. In every parish of Jamaica, prime actual Estate goes based upon the views of the ocean. And, the highest suggest in Jamaica is the mountain variety of the Blue Mountain, residence of Blue hill Coffee. The Blue hill is the longest and highest mountain variety in Jamaica stretching throughout two parishes, Portland and St. Thomas and boasting an intricate height the 7,500 feet over sea level. On a clear day, even midway increase the Blue Mountain, we room able to view the outline of Cuba v the naked eyes, yup.And, v a pair the binoculars, the visuals that Cuba room amazingly clean to the allude where we are able to check out the land, boundaries, flora, fauna and even the ago yards that the inhabitants.Why room we talking about Jamaica’s view of Cuba? right here is why. V the visibility native Jamaica, one can safely say that persons in Cuba can do simply the very same right? Tit for tat?Actually, no they can’t! based on the shape and also flat terrains of Cuba combined with the lot smaller dimension of Jamaica in comparison, they would certainly not have the ability to see Jamaica from their location as in order to also get a peripheral view using binoculars, there has to be one elevated platform on which to stand. This is not obtainable in Cuba.The just view that someone in Cuba would be able to see the Jamaica would certainly be via the air flying straight over or right to Jamaica.Let’s just say, ours neighbour’s watch of our earlier yard is no as clear together our see of theirs!

jan 19, 2020 Seeing Jamaica fron Cuba by: anonymous according to Cuban geographer Antonio Núñez Jiménrz, it is possible to view Jamaica native Cuba, from a ar in Sierra Maestra, the highest range of mountains in Cuba. The information shows up in Jiménez" book Archipiélago Cubano (Cuban Archipelago).
Apr 20, 2019
Amazing by: anonymous AmazingViews Hills blue mountains etc. Go not view Cuba I certainly was looking in the wrong way should have actually googled very first before going to Saint Thomas and Jamaican I had actually such a exorbitant time go to the boiling Springs in the mountains

Apr 20, 2018
Beautiful Sight by: Beatriz Hello Wellesley,I love that article you post. I am indigenous Cuba and I can see Jamaica indigenous Santiago. Believe me, it"s a beautiful sight.

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