Try this Buchanan drink: the Buchanan’s Sour! A whiskey tart with blended Scotch, that tastes sweet tart and peaty on the finish.


Got a party of Buchanan’s combined Scotch? Here’s ours favorite means to use it in a cocktail: mix it right into a whiskey sour! This Buchanan drink is all around contrasts: it’s crisp and also sweet tart at the start of the sip. Yet wait a split 2nd until the finish: it’s smoky and also peaty, unlike any type of whiskey sour you’ve ever tasted! many Scotch is sipped neat, yet this is our favorite means to use it to do an irresistibly interesting drink.

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Ingredients in this Buchanan drink

The Buchanan sour is simply a whiskey sour through Buchanan’s mixed Scotch. Thewhiskey souris an iconicclassic cocktailthat goes ago centuries: that was first mentioned in a cocktail book in the 1870’s! typically this cocktail supplies a bourbon or rye whiskey: but you have the right to make it with Scotch whisky too! this is what you will do it need:

Buchanan’s Deluxe blended ScotchLemon juice

All you need to do? Shake this ingredients together in a cocktail shaker filled with ice, then strain the drink into a lowball glass. Take a sip and also the smell is exciting sweet tart, with a hint of peaty smoke on the finish. As well simple? There space two ways to dress up the Buchanan drink if you’d like: store reading.


Add one egg white if desired!

Do girlfriend love a classicegg white cocktail? dress up this Buchanan drink with an egg white foam! It’s a classic way to include a frothy topping and creamy structure to a cocktail. To do it through an egg white, you’ll need to use a method called adry shake whereby you shake all ingredients without ice cream first. Walk toWhiskey Sour through Egg Whiteor follow the procedures below:

Shake ingredients without ice.Add every ingredients come a cocktail shakerexceptthe ice. Shower 15 seconds.Add ice and also shake!Add the ice and also shake 30 seconds. The foam will increase to the top!

Serve with clear ice

This Buchanan drink looks an excellent on the own, however another means to step it up? Use clear ice! It’s crystal clear ice that isn’t cloudy like the kind that’s ice tray. Reduced it into large, organic forms that space perfect for any kind of size of drink! here are two methods for making clear ice:


More about Buchanan’s combined Scotch

Buchanan’s is a brand that Scotch whisky that was introduced in 1879. The most popular product is referred to as Buchanan’s deluxe 12 blended Scotch, i m sorry is aged because that 12 years. The smell has hints orange, vanilla and caramel, with peat and smoke top top the finish. It’s a mid-priced Scotch: a 750 ml bottle costs around $40. You deserve to sip the straight, or mix the into an easy whiskey or Scotch cocktails.

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(See below!)

Other Scotch commodities from Buchanan’s encompass Special reserve 18, Master, andRed Seal.

More Buchanan drinks

What are some other an excellent ways to do a Buchanan drink? You have the right to use this combined Scotch in any of these classic Scotch cocktails: