Because several of them room perfectly fine to microwave, if others space not at all.

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How do you call the difference?

Well, the first step is to examine the box it came in, the instructions it came v or the tag that was hanging top top it as soon as you acquired it. Those will always tell you whether you can put that particular tumbler in the microwave.

If friend no longer have any type of of those, you’ll have to guess. But there room a few simple guidelines you have the right to follow.

Can You put A take trip Mug In The Microwave?


Here’s exactly how to discover out if her cup deserve to be microwaved.

Is that metal?

If it is made of steel or has any metal components, carry out not microwave it. Ever.

For one, a stainless steel exterior will certainly block the microwaves from ever reaching the drink inside and heating it. Moreover, friend should recognize that you never want to put steel in a microwave, since it can damages it.

Is the ceramic?

If your cup is do from ceramic (and does no contain any type of metal), it is practically certainly fine come microwave. You could want to inspect the bottom to see if it states it’s ok, yet even if it doesn’t, it have to be fine. Here is a list of microwaveable travel mugs.

The same is no necessarily true the plastic parts the mug may have. If the lid is plastic or it has actually a plastic sleeve, I highly recommend remove those first, uneven you understand for a truth they are safe.

Is it plastic?

This is the hardest one to determine. Plastic will not damage the microwave, however some plastics deserve to release toxins into your drink when exposed come high heat.

It need to say ~ above the bottom of your cup even if it is you can place the in a microwave or not. If that does not say, I’d assume you cannot.

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If your cup is new, constantly check the instructions or packaging to inspect if it have the right to safely it is in microwaved, also if girlfriend don’t arrangement on ever before doing that. You may want come in the future, so it is something you must know.

If you’ve had actually the travel mug because that a while and no longer have any kind of of the packaging or documentation, monitor the simple guidelines detailed above. In short:

Metal = NoCeramic = correct (but not any metal or plastic components)Plastic = maybe (it should say ~ above the bottom; if not, climate no)