For fathers day, mine fiancé and also I have been invite to go swimming at my dad’s personal pool at his apartment building, where children will 90% not be existing (cause 90% of the residents are older folks v no kids). The tricky point is the he has an ankle screen on…

The instructions say that it’s water resistant, aka you have the right to take a shower head etc., yet we’re not sure if he can go swimming without resulting in “tampering” through the device.

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Experiences? Thoughts?



When I had actually one ns was called to no submerge it. That water resistant, not water proof.

He need to ask his po to it is in safe.

I was told by mine PO that it can not be submerged and if ns break it I will be charged $2500.

She is good if I uncover a workaround.

I purchase a waterproof cast sleeve native Amazon. It is a large rubber sleeve the fits end my leg and the fish eye bracelet, as much as just below my knee. It has actually a detachable rubber squeeze out bulb the pumps all the wait out and also creates a really promising seal.

I’ve experiment it in the tub putting the on my ‘good’ leg, v some document towels stuffed approximately my foot. I flip roughly in the tub for a few minutes and also get out and check the document towels and they have actually remained dry.

Have not tested it at the lake yet. Not sure if a dive or a to rise is worth $2500 in situation of failure.

My husband to be told if that swims through it it is thought about tampering through the device and have the right to be a violation. My husband doesn't even take baths v it.

I think it likewise depends if you have the design that demands to it is in charged daily (such as the general practitioners tracking) vs. Radio frequency that might only need batteries to be changed every 6-12 months. The ones that execute not need to be charged everyday don't really open up or have actually ports that can get water in it. Ns wore an RF one because that 12-months straight, back I need to admit ns don't take long showers nor ever before used that in a swimming pool or hot tub. The stupid point is that these systems will probably malfunction/stop working properly even if girlfriend don't go swimming v it and then the government will speak you're ~ above the hook because that paying for the damaged bracelet. I'd simply say skip the swimming until you walk off bracelet.

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