I love pairing sauerkraut with any dish that i prepare. I only recently learned exactly how to make it, so now I go ahead and also prepare substantial batches because that me to enjoy! as a result, I acquire a most leftover sauerkraut – also when i share with neighbors and also friends. I would certainly love to save my sauerkraut to gain at another time.

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It’s fully understandable to go a little overboard when learning a new recipe! if sauerkraut have the right to be a condiment or a side for various dishes, sometimes, us really end up with more than we deserve to serve for the moment. You have the right to avoid wasting food by maintaining the sauerkraut.

You deserve to freeze the so you have the right to serve it at a various day. You deserve to freeze both homemade and commercial can be ~ of sauerkraut. Frozen it ~ above the job it is made, or if store-bought, on the work you opened the container. Protect against freezing sauerkraut that has actually been left for numerous days in the frozen fridge or on the countertop.

Can you freeze Sauerkraut?

When freeze sauerkraut, be conscious that the flavor and texture will certainly change. Oftentimes, the sauerkraut becomes watery together it thaws. The frozen sauerkraut will also have a mushier texture than the fresh ones.It is best to freeze traditional sauerkraut 보다 the “quick” version of it. The various ingredients might cause it to end up being soft and less flavorful ~ freezing and thawing.If you don’t have room in your freezer, girlfriend can pick to store the sauerkraut inside her refrigerator. This only permits for about five to 7 days of extra warehouse time, yet is helpful when you only have actually a little batch that sauerkraut.You can additionally opt to deserve to the sauerkraut instead of freeze it. This is a great solution for those with bigger batches or those with smaller sized freezer warehouse space. Canning conservation the sauerkraut for around a year.Frozen sauerkraut have the right to stay in the freezer for around eight months to a year however it is finest to consume it within a month of freezing. Save your containers labeled with the day of preparation to store track that its shelf life.Avoid refreezing sauerkraut that has been defrosted already. If you end up with soggy or tasteless sauerkraut, girlfriend can include them in soups and also other side dishes instead.

How to maintain Sauerkraut?

You have the right to preserve sauerkraut in two ways: freezing and canning. Both methods allow the sauerkraut to it is in stored for around a year.For freeze the sauerkraut, follow these steps:First, ar the sauerkraut within a plastic zipping freezer bag or a freezer-safe container.Next, make certain that there is no overfill air inside the container then seal it tightly.Label the containers with the day of preparation then ar them inside the freezer.To defrost the sauerkraut, relocate the freezer bag or container to the refrigerator to thaw overnight.For the canning procedure, follow this steps:Prepare the sauerkraut as usual. After ~ bringing it to a boil, eliminate from the heat.Fill the jars v sauerkraut and also the juices, making sure that there is enough headspace in the jar.Clean the edge and also sides of the jars then properly add the lids and scream bands.Can the jars utilizing a water bath canner through the water boiling because that 15 to 20 minutes a quart.After canning, allow the jars to remain in for around 5 minutes.Allow the sauerkraut jars cool for about 12 come 24 hrs in room temperature.Check the lids and seals that the sauerkraut jars for appropriate canning.Label the jar v the day of preservation. Store the jars in a cool dried place and use in ~ a year. 

Sauerkraut Recipes

Make delicious cabbage rolls v this classic Transylvanian recipe, Stuffed Cabbage Rolls with Sauerkraut Hungarian German Rice. You have the right to opt to include parsley and bacon because that a tastier treat.
A classic pairing the sauerkraut and also sausage is offered in this Fried Sauerkraut and Sausage recipe. Perfect because that the holiday season, this meal is much better when common with loved ones.

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For a quick and also easy sauerkraut dish, try the Crockpot Bratwurst v Sauerkraut recipe. With simply a few ingredients, you can create a snack that’s an excellent for even outdoor get-togethers!

Wrap Up

Yes, you have the right to freeze sauerkraut. Frozen sauerkraut will certainly last for 6-8 months in the freezer. Right here are the procedures on just how to freeze sauerkraut: discard any type of liquid from her package, rinse your kraut however make certain not to rest it up also much, drain any excess fluid from your kraut before placing in a freezer bag, press out all of the air and also seal tightly, brand your bag v today’s date, and also store in the freezer.

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