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Irish cream is a famous dairy liqueur that has cocoa, irish whiskey, and cream. That is a common ingredient in cocktails and desserts, yet you can likewise drink it directly up, chilled, or on the rock.

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You deserve to keep a bottle of ireland cream because that an extended period since it lasts a really long and only small liqueur doses go into cocktails. The concerns you need answers to are -Does ireland cream goes bad and also how long does irish cream last. Stop see.

Irish cream contains around 17% alcohol, relying on the brand and recipe. That alcohol prolongs that shelf life by killing bacteria that can otherwise contaminate sweet liqueur. However, it have the right to go poor after about two years since the dairy part leads to a gradual loss that quality and spoilage.

In fact, most bartenders use Irish cream for only around six months due to the fact that it is the top of its quality. The much longer you save it, the more its top quality decreases until it eventually becomes inconsumable. Nowadays, you can find dairy-free, vegan ireland cream v almond milk rather of hefty cream, however its shelf life is comparable to the continuous kind.

How long Does ireland Cream Last?

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If you salary attention, friend can uncover the best prior to the day at the bottom the the irish cream label. The is various from an expiration date due to the fact that the manufacturer provides it to specify the duration the liqueur is tho quality.

On average, a bottle of irish cream can last roughly two year if you save it in a pantry or fridge. When keeping the liqueur in the refrigerator, you deserve to use the for around six months after the best before date passes.

Once you open up the bottle, you have to use the beverage within six months, no matter how much time there is until the label’s date. Since alcohol evaporates in contact with air, your drink won’t be the exact same after the period.

How lengthy Does irish Cream critical (Chart)

Irish cream type

Unopened2 come 3 months

6 months


6 months6 months
Homemade2 to 3 months

3 to 6 months

If you choose homemade ireland cream, you have to keep in mind the it has actually a much shorter shelf-life 보다 a commercially developed bottle. You can store that for 2 to 3 months in your pantry, while the frozen refrigerator can extend its lasting up to six months.

4 tips to tell if ireland Cream has Gone Bad

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The much longer you save Irish cream, the much more its top quality degrades. While it is for sure to use for part time after opening it, the liqueur will spoil at part point. There are few signs it is no much longer drinkable.

Expiration date

The bottle of irish cream has an mean shelf-life of around two years, and even one unopened liqueur deserve to go negative once the expiration date passes.

In some cases, it can be perfectly for sure to drink. However, the is always far better to be safe and also discard the bottle if you have kept it for more than six months after the day passes.


Typically, irish cream has actually a sweet, mild scent. If you open the bottle and also smell a sour, strange odor, it method that cream has actually gone bad. The dairy component changes, and also it can reason you a digestive problem if friend drink it.


Fresh ireland cream has actually a beige and also creamy color, and also any discoloration means it is no longer safe because that consumption. As soon as the beverage spoils, that can end up being darker and thicker 보다 usual. In the case, the drink’s chemistry composition changed, and also you should discard the rest of the bottle.


One of the definite indicators of spoilage is a curdled liqueur. If you an alert chunks in the bottle and the dairy component separates indigenous alcohol, the irish cream has actually gone bad. Lumpy texture way that that is too old or has been exposed to heat. In both cases, don’t drink it.

4 tips to store Irish Cream

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The ideal tip you deserve to get about storing irish cream is to use it as soon as feasible once you open the bottle. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to usage it, from classic cocktails come fruit dips. There space a few pieces of advice you can use to conserve it longer.


If you decide to save Irish cream in a pantry, ar it in a dark and also dry place. High temperatures advice the spoilage of dairy in a liqueur, for this reason leave her liqueur away from the window and sunlight.

Once you open the bottle, make sure to close the tightly after use. Otherwise, alcohol deserve to weather, and you will waste the beverage before time.

Always use a clean record towel come wipe the bottle’s neck after pouring a drink. Accidentally flood drops can stick come the party cap leading to you an obstacle to open up it next time.

Besides, the liqueur remnants on edge will certainly spoil and grow bacteria, therefore you have the right to accidentally contaminate the remainder of the liqueur.


Although you can store irish cream in the pantry, many manufacturers introduce storing it in a refrigerator once you open up it. That way, you maintain its original taste longer.

Never leave liqueur in the fridge door. As well as heat, the irish cream is also sensitive come sudden alters in temperature, i m sorry are usual in that part due to regular opening.

Keep ireland cream just in the initial bottle due to the fact that its architecture is produced to keep liqueur consistency. If you have homemade irish cream, keep it in a glass party that you have the right to close airtight.


Although freezing a whole bottle of irish cream is not recommended, you can still do ice cubes v this liqueur. Add some milk come it to reduced the freezing allude and pour the mix into an ice cube tray.

You can then leaving it in a freezer overnight and also use cubes to enhance fruit salads, cocktails in a shaker, or placed some in your coffee. If you have actually some ireland cream girlfriend don’t want to waste, make popsicles.

Add 0.25 cup of ireland cream in a blender through two bananas, milk, and chocolate syrup. Then, to water the mixture right into pop molds and also freeze. If your pops stick to the mold when trying to take them out, location them for 10 secs under a jet of lukewarm water, and also they will be all set for use.

Make a cocktail

Many world enjoy irish cream as a dessert and also drink the purely with ice. However, you have the right to also shot any of the numerous cocktails the contain it. The most renowned is, of course, the flaming B-52, however you can additionally make:

Baileys Dublin doubleChocolatineCaramel irish coffeeMudslideIrish cactusNutty IrishmanScreaming orgasm

Can girlfriend Freeze irish Cream?

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Freezing ireland cream is no a great idea. As soon as putting this liqueur in the freezer, the milk component separates indigenous the alcohol and freezes, and also ice crystals form and destroy its texture.

Once you take it the bottle out the the freezer, friend will obtain alcohol full of lumps that you can’t to water properly. The liqueur consistency won’t be the same as before freezing.

However, you can put ireland cream in a freezer because that a short period if you preserved it in a pantry and also you want to chill that quickly. Simply remember to take it out after approximately half an hour. Otherwise, the bottle have the right to shatter as result of mixture expansion.

On the various other hand, you have the right to freeze homemade ice cream that has Irish cream. Churning will stop ice cream native separating and also prevent the development of huge chunks that ice. It will certainly be enough to mix all her recipe ingredients, consisting of chocolate, vanilla extract, and also whipped cream with liqueur.

Don’t forget that alcohol-containing ice cream cream melts quicker at room temperature than virgin ice-cream, so take it the container out of the freezer just prior to serving.

The hazard of consuming an Expired ireland Cream

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Although you more than likely won’t gain the cocktail you all set with expired ireland cream, possibilities to acquire sick space minimal. Making use of degraded alcohol will only result in changed taste and an unappetizing drink or dessert.

However, irish cream have the right to curdle if you disclose it to acid prefer lemon or tonic water. A curdled liqueur is typically safe to consume, yet it can reason gastrointestinal difficulties in world with a perceptible stomach, such together bloating and gases.

Exaggeration is never good, not even in consuming ireland cream. Back it has less 보다 20% alcohol, it have the right to lead come alcohol poisoning if you drink it also much. Remember the it is different from food poisoning. Since it affects your heart rate, breathing, and also temperature, this condition requires medical attention.

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Irish cream is a versatile liqueur you deserve to use for many cocktails, desserts, and also fruit dips. You deserve to store that both in her pantry and refrigerator, but it will go negative a pair of month after the expiration date. Top top the other hand, freezing it will damage its texture, yet you deserve to use together cream to make ice-cream or ireland cream pops.