Dr. Suzanne Stock has been building beautiful, prospering smiles because that a good number that years, and we’d love to perform the exact same for you! ours mission is to treat every patient on an individual level by designing personalized treatment plans to fit each patient’s unique needs. That’s why us pride ourselves on ensuring that your treatment is as safe, effective, and convenient as possible.

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There room specific varieties of foods you have to steer clear of while having actually braces in order come maintain healthy and balanced teeth and the ongoing nourishing of your smile. Through that being said, some of your many treasured treats are an option. We’ve gone ahead and noted out few of the treats that space safe to consume v braces:

Pies & Cakes

Luckily, most cakes room lightweight and tasty, and are completely acceptable to eat through braces. However, store in mind that you have to stay far from cakes the contain crunchy toppings or fillings. This is true because that pies together well. Nothing eat pies that have actually nuts or perhaps harmful toppings. Instances of delicious pies the you have the right to munch on through braces include: pumpkin, an essential lime, chocolate silk, and also other cream or custard pies.


As I’m certain you’re already aware, pudding and Jello are some of the safest choices of treats for patients v braces. Their soft structure poses no risk to braces and also usually come in a selection of tasty spices that can please your sweet tooth.


Certain kinds of cookies space okay come eat through braces, however they need to be soft and chewy instead of hard and also thick. Examples of delicious cookie to eat are cacao chip, peanut butter, snickerdoodle, sugar, oatmeal, and any various other flavor you deserve to think of, as long as there room no ingredient that can potentially damages your braces.

Frozen Yogurt & ice cream Cream

Nothing beats quite cold ice cream cream ~ above a warm summer day. Ice cream cream is a exorbitant dessert that won’t endanger your braces treatment—it’s soft, smooth, and also creamy. Similar to the other sweets, stay away native toppings that have a hard texture and also you’ll it is in fine.

Use your Brain

Sure there are loads of delicious treats you deserve to taste if wearing affordable braces, however, you need to not forget come watch your sugar intake due to the fact that it can reason tooth decay and cavities. Among the worst things that can take place while wearing braces is to flourish a cavity that needs emergency treatment to rescue her tooth. It’s it s okay to law yourself through an occasional sugary snack, however do your finest to limit your consumption to when a work or much less to rise your opportunities of having actually the best possible smile.

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If you have any kind of other inquiries on what foodstuffs are acceptable to chew on with braces, or any kind of other orthodontic connected questions, don’t hesitate to call us in ~ our contact us page, or schedule a complimentary exam today with Dr. Stock.