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funny Facts about Me
- i sleep with at the very least a foot or hand dangling off the bed.

- my favorite shade is teal.- I have 3 beauty beauty marks: cheek, back, lower cheek.- I favor Kraft mac & cheese and also hot cocoa top top cold days.- ns love old romantic comedy musicals.- i have large feet.

The Chinese Goddess that prostitutes. As a mortal, she to be a widow who was much too liberal and also inventive v her favors, and also her father-in-law killed her. In fatality she to be honored by her an ext professional associates and eventually came to be the goddess that whores.
Baklava cup
1 (2 1/8oz) box frozen miniature phyllo cups2/3 c. Chopped blended nuts1-2 tsp. Sugar1/4 c. Honey1 tsp. Water1. Preheat the stove to 350 degrees.2. Location the shells ~ above a baking sheet. Mix the sugar and chopped nuts and fill the shells. Bake for 8 minute or until the shells are lightly browned.3. Mix the honey and water in a little bowl and drizzle end the nuts. Serve warmth or at room temperature.

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Kujiga: oriental Chant
Song sung by the ripe elders of Kaya when summoning King Suro. One of the faster (if not the first) recorded instance of a shamanistic ritual (kut) in Korea.Keobuga, KeobugaMeorireul naeeoraNaeeonoch"i aneumyeonKuweo meogeuri"Turtle, TurtleStick the end your headIf girlfriend don"tWe"ll roast and eat you"
Cortigiana Onesta
In Italy, well-known as honest courtesans, the cortigiana onesta were typically well-educated and worldly (sometimes even more so 보다 the median upper-class woman), and also often held simultaneous careers together performers or artists. Castle were typically chosen top top the basis of their "breeding"--social and also conversational skills, intelligence, usual sense, and also companionship--as well together their physical attributes. It was normally their wit and also personality that collection them apart from continuous women. Lock were prostitute in the sense that sex was one of their obligations, but unlike the mean prostitute, sex made up only a side of the courtesan"s variety of services. Because that example, they were meant to be well-dressed and also ready to engage in a range of topics ranging from art to music to politics.


It"s been a an extremely very an extremely long time due to the fact that I"ve posted yet I really felt the this should go out there.I love brightly fancy hair. Blue, green, purple, red, fuchsia, teal, lavender, whatever. I have actually experimented through colors and methods because that almost two decades which way I"ve learned a lot and also made sufficient mistakes to no longer have too much emotional attachment to my hair. I"ll try anything. After all, hair simply keeps growing.The trouble with those funny colors is the they only come in semi-permanent vegetables dyes. This dyes work by staining and often need to sit in the hair because that a lengthy while. Everyone I"ve met the dyes in funny colors, consisting of myself, usually store it in all day or end night. And also then they fade with every wash. Every shampoo creates colored lather. I"m lazy, ns don"t desire to reapply every 2-3 weeks.So I had the glowing idea for cloth dye. ~ all, it"s offered for wool, which is hair. And it"s offered on delicate fabrics. Next I need to find out if there"s a towel dye that doesn"t call for boiling water- there is! I decided Dylon Cold Water cloth dye due to the fact that it appeared the gentlest. I even discovered an circumstances of that being offered on person hair extensions! This need to be it!My first attempt was to use it like constant dye. Ns made a 1"x3" section and also "painted" the dye on, climate wrapped in silver paper to "process" for 45minutes, similar to I would through hair dye. Every I acquired was a vague tint.Weeks later on I determined to I try it again as per the fabric dying instructions: submersion. I took that exact same section and also dipped it into a jug that included the dye mixture. Only about fifty percent of the 9" length was may be to remain submerged for the recommended 45minutes. Holding a jar of dye against your challenge for 45 minutes is annoying.When time was up and I visited rinse, ns was great by the color! holy cow, this is gonna it is in awesome! and then ns touched it. I haven"t feel hair this overprocessed and chemically burned due to the fact that I do the efforts to walk from natural oriental black come platinum white in one weekend when I was in ninth grade!! ns did mine tried and also true emergency measures of deep conditioning and protein pack, but it"s useless: the cuticle is burnt off.My test piece is mush.Dying human hair with fabric dye is a negative idea.In hindsight it makes sense: in order to it is in a cold water dye it probably uses a mild acid to deliver the pigment into the fiber. Towel is do of thread, which is made of bits the fiber tightly twisted. It"s it s okay for those small fiber bits to gain damaged because they"re twisted into a compressed strand. My individual strands the hair never ever stood a chance!Now I"m turn off to chop that the damage. Hope the remainder of the hair in the area will be able to conceal the cut. Lucky me that i couldn"t get the totality length into the jar!Lesson Learned!
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