But since several foods and also drinks are restricted after extraction, world are unsure even if it is they have the right to drink juice after extraction or not.

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Some juices can irritate your surgical procedure site, but there room various varieties of drinks and also juices the you can take come energize her body and fight weakness after wisdom teeth surgical treatment that is no harmful to your surgical treatment site.

Can i Drink Juice ~ Wisdom this Extraction?


Yes, you deserve to drink juices that are not harmful to your surgery site. These include apple juice, milkshakes, and smoothies (without fruits that contain seeds choose strawberries and raspberries).

Avoid juices that contain citric acid, sweet flavors, favor orange, pineapple, grape juice, and lemonade, for at the very least seven days after the extraction.

Other fruit juices that room not appropriate after surgery include:

LimesGrapesBlue plumsPomegranatePeachesApricotsBlueberriesTomatoes

The acid consistency in these fruits is very high, so you need to avoid these fruit juices because that at least one mainly after wisdom this extraction.

Not just do this fruit juices irritate her gum, yet they also lead to dental erosion.

What is dental erosion?

The high acid content in most fruit juices can cause enamel come weaken and demineralize end time. The soft areas of enamel may come to be discolored, perceptible to high temperatures, and also even sweet foods.

Preventing dental erosion

Here are a few simple advice to store your teeth strong and healthy while preserving your vitamin C requirement:

Never suck on lemons, citric fruits, or any type of highly acidic fruit. Biting ~ above these fruit is a good way to threaten the enamel of her teeth.Use a straw once drinking fruit juices. It will prevent the juice from coming right into direct contact with your teeth. Yet don’t usage a straw for at least 3 – 4 work after a wisdom teeth surgery.Rinse her mouth after eat or drinking fruit juices to remove the mountain from her mouth, and also wait at least 30 minutes before brushing your teeth to give your enamel a time to resettle.Brush her teeth with a fluoride toothpaste; this will aid to keep enamel healthy.Eat cheese after taking fruit. That provides rise come the pH levels in her mouth and also increases saliva production, additionally helping neutralize acids.

The importance of Vitamin C to your Teeth


Vitamin C plays vital role in the growth, maintenance, and repair of her body’s an important tissues.

Vitamin C is also an excellent in maintaining your body equipped to heal wounds and fight against infections and gum diseases.

However, your body cannot create or keep Vitamin C by itself. You require to acquire your daily requirements through eating foods that are rich in Vitamin C. The foods that space rich with it incorporate cantaloupe, citrus fruits like oranges, grapefruits, etc.

Except because that the an initial seven days after wisdom this removal, you deserve to take these fruits any kind of time friend want.

Drinks & Juices the you can take after wisdom this extraction


Instead the citric juices, you can use the complying with drinks after extraction.

Drink water

Water help to store your mouth and also body fresh.

Drink plenty of water after ~ wisdom this surgery.

Take little sips the water every couple of minutes.

Fresh milk

Most dentists recommend drink plenty of milk after wisdom this removal due to the fact that milk is both nutritious and also a good source that calcium i beg your pardon keeps this healthy.

You can likewise use milk in location of porridge, soups, and also broths.

Besides new milk, girlfriend can also drink soybean beans milk and other seed milk such together corn milk, mung p milk, almond milk.

Note: execute not add sugar or sweets in milk for at least 2 – 3 days after surgery, or it will irritate the extraction site.


Yogurt is wealthy in protein and supports the recovery procedure after tooth extraction.

It’s well-off in proteins, vitamins, and minerals, which assist promote the wound healing stage.

Thus, the is an excellent to take it yogurt after surgery to energize your body.


If friend don’t like foods such together porridge or soups, smoothies room a much better alternative. They are basic to digest, and you can adjust the ingredients accordingly.

A smoothie v yogurt and a spoonful of protein flour will substantially increase protein, which is an extremely important throughout the post-extraction period.


Cheese includes low calories and is rich in vitamins and also minerals. The is soft and smooth, make it simple to chew and also swallow.

Besides that, cheese has actually a most protein, which helps with the recovery process after wisdom teeth surgery.

You deserve to prepare plenty of cheese varieties by including it right into other diets, i.e., cheese-filled egg rolls, cheesecake, potato, cheese soup, etc.

You can add cheese to the smoothies as well!

Don’t use a straw

Whatever friend drink after surgery, make certain that you room not using a suction force.

hat’s due to the fact that suction force interferes through the surgery wounds and may reason complications.

Thus, it is encourage to stop straws and also other unreasonable drinking methods after surgery.

The Bottom Line

Juices are advantageous to re-hydrate and energize your body, and you can take castle after wisdom this removal.

But prevent the drinks and juices that room citric and harmful to your surgical treatment site.

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All in simple words, the is crucial to energize her body after ~ surgery yet (only) v drinks that room not harmful to her wisdom this extraction site.