TSA Tobacco Rules

The transport Security management are the guys that display screen luggage in ~ the security checkpoint and behind the scenes. Lock enforce the rules about what can and also can’t be lugged on come airplanes.

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Here’s a display grab from their website about tobacco.


You can carry tobacco top top a airplane in either carry on luggage or checked luggage without restriction. It’s completely up come you wherein you fill it. There are no quantity boundaries when paris in the united States.

If you are flying around the world you deserve to only bring tobacco commodities in quantities under the limits set by the destination country. Passengers flying right into the US should adhere to the tobacco importation limits set by the U.S. Customs and Border defense agency.

To clear up I checked Twitter to check out what the TSA stated specifically around smokeless tobacco. A passenger had already asked the question:


The TSA answered.

Tobacco products are permitted in carry-on bags. You re welcome reach out to her airline for their policy on using smokeless tobacco during your flight

AskTSA on Twitter

So the TSA don’t view tobacco as a security issue.

Can friend Dip ~ above A Plane?

Smoking is prohibited since it the danger of fire and also the reality that 2nd hand smoke reasons cancer.

But chewing tobacco or dive is smokeless. Over there is not fire risk and the health risk is only to yourself.

So it’s the individual airlines that identify whether you have the right to chew or dive on a plane.

Alaska Airlines

Alaska say “Smoking,chewing tobacco, and also using smokeless tobacco and also electronic cigarettes room prohibited.”

Kat was on an Alaska Airlines flight sitting alongside a passenger who was chewing tobacco. She asked your social media team if the was permitted and they told she chewing tobacco wasn’t enabled and advised that she contacted the flight attendent.


Allegiant Airlines

Zack ran into trouble through Allegiant due to the fact that of tobacco.


Allegiant to speak “All Allegiant flights are non-smoking. Smoking and the use of every tobacco assets is strict prohibited. This has chewing tobacco, digital e-cigarettes or an equivalent form product.”

American Airlines

Caroline asked American airline if chewing tobacco was allowed on their planes.


Their society media team replies that is wasn’t and that she must let a crew member know.

Delta Airlines

There are numerous passengers on Twitter complaining that they finished up sitting next to someone who was dipping and also spitting top top a Delta flight.

Delta social media rarely respond but as every the contract that carriage the us of smokeless tobacco products like chew or dive is currently prohibited on every Delta flights.



JetBlue don’t cite chewing tobacco together being prohibited on your website.

And I experienced this exchange on Twitter.


It seems choose chewing tobacco or dip might be allowed on JetBlue flights. Check with your trip attendant!

Southwest Airlines

Suzy can’t know why…

But Southwest passenger are allowed to usage chewing tobacco or dive on planes.


United Airlines

Manas didn’t prefer to see the person sitting beside him constantly spitting into a plastic bottle.

United Airlines evidenced that smokeless tobacco is not allowed on your flights.


The Bottom Line

You deserve to take all types of tobacco top top a plane, and you can pack that in carry-on bags or confirm baggage.

It’s as much as each airline even if it is they permit passengers come actually use chewing tobacco or dip throughout a flight.

Many airlines have made decision that castle won’t desire this continue on their flights and also have prohibition it.

There are still a couple of airlines prefer Southwest that allow you to dip ~ above a plane.

If you desire to usage tobacco on your next trip then check with the airline you are flying with.

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But save in mind the many people don’t desire to sit alongside someone spitting in a bottle. If you can manage to host off until after landing your fellow passengers might appreciate it.