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AB 2077 extends Pilot permitting Pharmacists to administer Sterile Syringes to avoid Spread that HIV, Hepatitis B and also Hepatitis C for an additional Five Years

Los Angeles, CA – Last night, governor Gavin Newsom signed into law the Pharmacy access Bill (AB 2077) co-sponsored by the Drug plan Alliance (DPA), san Francisco AIDS structure and health and wellness Officers combination of California and authored through Assemblymember Phil Ting (D-San Francisco). The measure extends the statutory sunset date of the pilot for an additional five years, protecting pharmacist’s discretion come furnish sterile syringes there is no a prescription and allowing adult possession of syringes for an individual use as component of the state’s considerable approach to preventing the spread out of HIV, hepatitis B and hepatitis C.

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“By signing this bill into law, branch Newsom has actually rightly shown he understands the requirement of providing people who use drugs with sterile syringes as a means of preventing infectious diseases,” said Jeannette Zanipatin, California State Director because that the Drug plan Alliance. “At a time as soon as we are already trying to stem the punch of COVID-19 and an overdose situation which has been exacerbated through the pandemic, ensuring we safeguard the health of our most at-risk communities with this cost-effective measure and not more overwhelm the public health system is paramount.”

The measure, which was previously prolonged in 2014, further requires pharmacologists to educate consumers on for sure disposal of syringes and provide them with accessibility to handle containers in addition to educating them on HIV and also hepatitis prevention, treatment and testing. Because the syringes will be marketed to consumers through participating pharmacies, it comes at no cost to the state, while saving the state from far-reaching healthcare prices of having actually to act these perhaps deadly diseases.

“The Governor’s signature assures safe, legal access to sterile syringes at pharmacies will continue to stop HIV and also hepatitis C transmission,” said Assemblymember Phil Ting (D-San Francisco), author of abdominal 2077. “More than 200 research studies from about the people have consistently shown improved syringe accessibility reduces the level of needle share and an illness transmission - all without enhancing the rates of drug use, drug injection or crime."

Syringe sharing is the many common cause of hepatitis C transmission and also the 2nd most common cause of HIV and hepatitis B infection in the united States. These preventable infections are devastating to individuals and also families and put cost burdens top top taxpayer-supported healthcare and also health insurance. For example, the united state Centers for disease Control reports the the lifetime expense to law a single case that HIV is $380,000 in 2010 dollars and also the cost to cure a patient of hepatitis C is around $64,500.

“The san Francisco AIDS foundation thanks the Governor and the legislative branch for continuing to support typical sense policies to prevent transmission of HIV and also hepatitis C,” said Laura Thomas, director of damage Reduction Policy, mountain Francisco AIDS Foundation. “This is one an ext effort to reduce stigma and also give civilization who usage drugs the tools they have to keep themselves and also their communities safer and healthier. We say thanks to Assemblymember Ting because that his continued leadership top top this issue."

Research native the California department of publicly Health has actually concluded there has actually been no rise in drug usage or crime in the state connected with the sale of syringes without a prescription and also found the the rate of syringe sharing was reduced in locations where this plan was in impact than where it was not. This research has actually been echoed by over 200 research studies from the joined States and also abroad that concur improved syringe access reduces the price of syringe share and disease transmission, without boosting rates of medicine use, drug injection or crime. To date, no examine has uncovered otherwise.

“California’s physician health and wellness officers thank Governor Newsom because that enacting this foundational disease protection measure,” said Kat DeBurgh, MPH, executive Director, health and wellness Officers association of California. “Preventing communicable disease is an ext important now than ever.”

Allowing adults to acquisition sterile syringes there is no a prescription at community pharmacies is a sound public health strategy endorsed by basically every significant health organization, including the American medical Association, academy of Medicine, American Pharmacist Association, and the nationwide Alliance that State and Territorial AIDS Directors.

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For much more information top top syringe access, visit beer-selection.com/issues/syringe-access.