WE are OUT that COCA SEEDS. WE will certainly NOT HAVE more SEEDS until OCTOBER in ~ THE EARLIEST.

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These seeds were hand picked from the an individual coca patch of a shaman in Colombia.

We space the only source for coca seed in north America!

We have actually freshly sprouted Columbian coca seeds obtainable only because that a very limited time!

1 sprouted seed: now ~ above sale! just $703 sprouted seeds: now on sale! just $1806 sprouted seeds: now on sale! simply $320

Please add a $50 overnight shipping fee tor every seed orders.

These seeds are currently germinated and also ready to plant. We will send friend a photo of your an individual seed before we ship it!

We delivery these sprouted seeds overnight in a moist sponge. Tree them immediately! Here’s some photos of our sprouted coca seeds.


If you room interested in purchase live coca tree please contact us for details.

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Here’s exactly how to germinate coca seeds and grow them right into a healthy and balanced plant at home.

1. Put down numerous layers of document towel on a plate and also thoroughly moisten through distilled water.2. Ar coca seed onto the record towel and add a few layers that moist file towel top top top.3. Ar a lid over the plate. Store the seed warm, over room temperature. Between 28-31°C (83-88°F).4. Certain that file towels are constantly moist. Drying out kills seeds.5. It is in patient. Coca seeds can take up to 10 weeks come sprout.6. When they start to sprout, transplant seed to soil.7. We recommend a floor blend through equal parts sand, peat moss, potting soil and also perlite.8. Gently location seeds a quarter inch below the soil surface.9. The seeds will prosper a root and also stalk, which raises with the seed covering on top.10. The particle casing will progressively slide turn off the peak off the stalk and also fall off, revealing two leaves.11. Be patient, the particle shell normally comes turn off on its very own over time.12. On part rare occasions the seed covering will not loss off. In this case, slice the leaf of the particle shell very closely with a blade. It is in careful!13. Provide 16 come 20 hours of light a day.14. Keep temperature about 29°C/84°F. If plants have a cold snap they will start to drop pipeline over the subsequent days.15. Store humidity between 50% and 60%. If humidity is also low, brand-new leaves may curl or burn.16. Fertilize moderate to heavily. If leaves yellow, progressively increase feeding. Coca deserve to be a heavy feeder.17. Perform not gain fertilizer water ~ above the pipeline as it will reason burning.18. Tree can flourish to over 12 feet tall and also live because that over 40 years.19. The plant will certainly naturally melted some pipeline as it grows. You can collect and use them.20. Coca is no seasonal. That grows and produces leaves all year round.21. Once the tree is over 4 feet high you have the right to harvest leaves. This should take about 2 years. Right now you can take a small variety of leaves indigenous the plant and they will quickly regrow. Don’t harvest an ext than a 3rd of the leaves at once. Dry pipeline in a cool location for 3 come 7 days prior to using.22. ~ 3 or 4 year the plant may start to develop berries. Every berry will certainly contain one seed. You have the right to harvest berries once they are bright red. Clean turn off the flesh and also sprout the seed to start another coca plant!