One that the usual doubts among Java beginners while discovering the overloading and overriding ide is, whether it"s feasible to overload the key in Java? Can girlfriend override the main technique in Java? just how will JVM find if you change the signature that the main an approach as component of the method overloading? etc. These are an excellent questions and show the curiosity and also application of expertise of students, therefore if you space the guardian you need to answer these questions. If girlfriend don"t recognize the answer come this question, don"t worry, just read this post till the end and you will uncover the prize yourself. I have tried to explain in basic words but if you still can"t get it, feel totally free to comment and also I will shot to assist you personally.

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The quick answer to, deserve to we overload the main technique in Java is Yes
, you have the right to overloading, nothing stops from overloading, however JVM will constantly call the original main method, it will never call your overloaded main method.
You will find out this in little more detail later, currently coming to the next question, deserve to you override the main an approach in Java? the prize is No because themain is a static technique and thestatic technique cannot be overridden in Java.
In order come answer this question expertise of overloading and also overriding is necessary. Girlfriend should know that overloading takes place at translate into time and overriding takes place at runtime. Girlfriend should likewise be familiar with the rules of method overloading and also overriding in Java.Though main() is a special method because it"s the entry point of your Java application, it follows thesame preeminence of an approach overriding and also overloading as any type of other method. In this article, you will certainly learn exactly how to overload the main an approach to check out whether JVM phone call the original, standard main with string argument or not.

Overloading the main an approach in Java

Here is exactly how you have the right to overload the main an approach in Java. This is just one way, friend can create as plenty of versions the the main as girlfriend want, however you must make certain that the method signature the each key is different.
You can change the technique signature by changing the kind of argument, the number of arguments, or the order of arguments.
The ideal practice to overload a an approach or constructor is by changing the number of arguments, or types of arguments. Overloading methods simply by changing the bespeak of debates may produce confusion and also increase the opportunity of phone call the dorn method. It"s worth remembering that,

Code example of Overloading Main an approach in Java

/** * Java routine to display that you have the right to overload main technique in Java * however you cannot override main method. * *
author Javin Paul */public class Helloworld /** * Standard main method, JVM will only call this method * even if you detailed multiple overloaded version. * */ public revolution void main(String<> args) System.out.println("Inside main(String<> args) technique ...."); /** * an overloaded main an approach which accepts Integer<> instead of * String<> as argument. *
param args */ public revolution void main(Integer<> args) System.out.println("Inside main(Integer<> args) technique ...."); /** * an additional overloaded main technique which accepts Double<> instead of * String<> together argument. *
param args */ public revolution void main(Double<> args) System.out.println("Inside main(Double<> args) method ...."); OutputInside main(String<> args) technique ....In this example, you have the right to see that we have actually two key methods, one accepts String selection as an argument and the various other accept Integer array as an argument, however you have the right to see that as soon as you run our regime from the command line, just the main an approach with string variety as an discussion is called.There to be no error, no ambiguity, JVM will constantly call this key method, no matter how plenty of overloaded key methods girlfriend will placed on this class. Then concerns come just how do you call your overloaded main? Well, you can contact it simply like any other method.Simply phone call main(new int<>1, 2, 3) indigenous the original main an approach will invoke your overloaded main with integer range as one argument. Because there is no compilation error, that proves that you have the right to overload the main an approach in Java.Regarding Overriding us have already proven the thestatic an approach cannot be overridden, they can only it is in hidden. View that post to learn this concept by complying with an example. In short, the main technique can be overloaded however cannot it is in overridden in Java.


That"s all around overloading and overriding the main an approach in Java. Now you know that it"s possible to overload key in Java yet it"s not feasible to override it, simply because it"s a static method. Execution that Java program has actually no affect on overloading main due to the fact that JVM always calls the initial main method and if that doesn"t discovered in course then it throws java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: main exception in subject "main" error at runtime.
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