The basic urine test is just one of the most typically performed activities tests. That is very important to correctly prepare and correctly collect the sample. Therefore what need to you do to for sure the an outcome accurately mirrors the state of her health?


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Before the planned repertoire of a urine sample, the is recommended the you:What techniques should be used to offer a appropriate urine sample?

Inadequate preparation for testing and sampling and storage may cause false results. Therefore, before doing a general urine test, there room a few basic rules to save in mind.

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Before the planned repertoire of a pee sample, it is recommended that you:

1. Administer yourself with a disposable to pee container

Urine is put into a special, disposable container that can be to buy at any type of pharmacy. Remember the in the case of bacteriological exam (urine culture), the container purchased should be sterile. That is unacceptable to urinate into bottles, jars and also other containers not intended because that this purpose. Residues of assorted substances, such as sugar or the existence of bacteria can seriously annoy the translate of results. The disposable pee container go not should be scalded or prepared in any kind of other way.

2. A center diet, alcohol and also liquids

A few days prior to the to plan examination, it is essential to eat a moderate, typical diet and to take it in a typical amount that fluids, continuous with the feeling of thirst. Her diet has actually a huge impact on to pee analysis. Terrific example that this room beetroots as they colour the pee red. A diet high in meat lowers the pH of urine, if a milk or vegetarian diet raises the pH. Ketone bodies, which must not it is in in the urine, may show up in it as a an outcome of alcohol abuse or the usage of a fatty diet. Drink the ideal amount the fluids stays clear of both too much urination (too tiny fluid) and its dilution (too much fluid). In the basic urine test this is to express by particular gravity.

3. Avoiding excessive physical strain and also standing quiet for much longer than usual

Excessive physical task may an outcome in the illustration or boost of urine level of protein and ketone bodies. Spending lengthy periods the time in a stand position regularly results in the event of orthostatic proteinuria.

4. Abstaining from sex-related intercourse because that 24 hours before sampling

A urine check after sex-related intercourse might be complicated because the sperm present in the urine. Their big numbers prevents an accurate microscopic assessment of the to pee sediment. Over there may likewise be minor lesions of the urethra, i beg your pardon will result in the existence of an boosted amount the epithelium, red blood cell or the presence of bacteria in the urine.

5. Avoidance that examination throughout menstrual bleeding and also 2 days before and also 2 work after menstruation

In the case of sampling during menstruation, the to pee is often contaminated with a huge amount of red blood cells and also epithelia which renders it impossible to acquire reliable results. The medical professional may translate this an outcome as a haematuria or haematuria and also suspect, for example, kidney stones or nephritic syndrome.

What approaches should be offered to offer a appropriate urine sample?

1. Morning urine

The recommended time to take it a to pee sample is as soon as you wake up, i.e. Urine after an overnight 8-hour remainder or if the is impossible, ~ at least 4 hours from the previous urination. This is necessary to prevent the occurrence of sensible proteinuria, which wake up most frequently as a an outcome of staying in a standing place for a long time, physical exertion and also stress.

2. Genital hygiene

Before acquisition the sample, wash your hands with warmth soapy water and also thoroughly to wash the urethral an ar with warm water and also soap or one intimate restroom wash. For women, toilet in the area of ​​the labia is particularly important, and the washing itself must be done from the front towards the anus, never in the opposite direction. Males are recommend to completely clean the penis. A disposable towel should be supplied for abrasion. Maintaining strict hygiene rules way that by obtaining rid of bacteria native the body’s surface your urine results will be more reliable, if bacteria from the body enters the sample, it might falsify the test results.

3. "Mid-stream" pee sample

Once you have actually started come urinate, collection a "mid-stream" to pee sample, this method you execute not collect the first or the last component of urine the comes out, you collection it in the center of urination. The built up urine sample because that the general examination should have from 20 come 100 milliliters, depending upon the dimension of the previously purchased container. The sample for culture urine may have actually a few milliliters. Transfering urine indigenous the toilet, potty, swimming pool, etc. Come a container is not allowed due to the existence of bacteria.

4. Appropriate description that the sample

The container have to be legibly signed v your name and also surname, existing date, time of collection and also your date of birth etc. Part laboratories ask because that a details description come be added to the container, e.g. A patient identification number.

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5. Immediate delivery of the sample to the collection point

The container v the gathered urine sample need to be sealed and also delivered come the collection allude as quickly as possible. The container deserve to be furthermore secured by placing the in a sealable plastic bag. If the sample have the right to not it is in delivered instantly after collection, place the container in the frozen refrigerator (do no freeze it) and also bring it come the test as shortly as possible. If tested for culture, the sample may not stay in the refrigerator for much more than 2 hours.Immediate delivery of the sample to the collection allude prevents the bacteria indigenous multiplying.

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