We all love going tanning--who doesn"t?! But those 10-15 minutes really rack up when you"re standing there just taking in the UV lights. What do girls really do while standing around in the stand up tanning booth?


Whether there is music blaring into the tanning booth or you"re blasting music on your phone or wearing headphones, no one is in there to judge or watch you, so of course you are going to DANCE! It"s the best way to make the time pass, and while you"re catching that UV light, you also are getting down and funky listening to music.


2. Text/go through social media

Other than dancing and listening to music, I think we are all guilty of bringing our phones into the tanning booth and catching up on some Instagram posts or Snapchat stories. Heck, we aren"t just looking at them... but snapping our besties wearing the funny looking goggles we have to wear.

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3. Sort through personal items/money

Once, my friend told me a story about her tanning experience. She said she had to go from school to work and wanted to get a quick tan in, but needed to also stop for gas and dinner. She needed to count her money to make sure she had enough money. She forgot about the air that flows through the tanning booth so when she put her money on the ground to count it and started, the tanning booth turned into a MONEY MACHINE!


4. Stretch in weird positions

No one wants those awkward tans lines under your butt or on the side of your stomach. So in order to avoid those weird tan lines, we stretch into weird positions, whether it"s bending forward or leaning over to each side, getting that nice side stretch so every inch gets that nice, even tan.



There is nothing better than going to lay down in the tanning booth and taking a nice 10-15 minute nap. The heat puts you right to sleep, and if you have your music on next to you or inside the booth, that too will put you to sleep.

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We are all so busy, so there is no better nap time than the time that you"re laying in a heated booth.


So next time you ladies or gents want to go get your tan on and soak up the UV lights, think of all the things you do in the tanning booth. We"re all doing them with you!