Is it safe to take amoxicillin (for an ear infection) and also Claritin (for a sinus infection) at the exact same time?

I constantly ask the pharmacist once I choose up the drugs if they have the right to be used in pregnancy and/or in combination.

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Hopefully girlfriend let her prescribing doctor recognize you room on Claritin when you were prescribed amoxicillin. If you desire to take Claritin after friend were currently prescribed the antibiotic, consult her doctor.

If girlfriend google "contraindications that amoxicillin and also clarityn" girlfriend should uncover anything if any kind of exist. It"s finest to it is in safe and ask her prescriber.

I"ve taken 3 courses of antibiotics while pregnant. At the very least 2 of those were amoxicillin. Every is well.

I have actually not had anything because that allergies and also hay fever.

Hi, I"m a pharmacist...amoxicilin and also loratidine (Claritin) are totally safe to take together. Always make certain your prescriber and also pharmacist know you are pregnant and what other prescriptions or over the respond to meds, vitamin or herbals you take.



First time parents right here is slightly freaking out since baby suddenly started having hives everywhere their body. The very first wave of lock disappeared ~ an hour. However then a brand-new wave in various locations have actually popped up.Baby is 1 1/2 years...
I’ve been dealing with a sinus infection for around 7 weeks. I’ve had actually one ring of amoxicillin and am using Flonase and Claritin. I began feeling much better for a few days and also regressed today...afraid my ENT is going to recommend another round...
hey all! i was incredibly congested because that 2 weeks and also thought that would work out on that is own however has turned into a sinus and ear infection! my medical professional originally offered me amoxicillin on Monday and Claritin ( mine obgyn won"t allow me take any decongestants). ...

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