I've noticed that there space seller that have complete bottles the alcohol because that sale ~ above Ebay. How deserve to this be? are they simply flying under the radar? Why isn't ebay ending their listing?

Mind you, these room "collectible" bottles, however still complete of liquor. One listing proclaimed "I am marketing the party as is with no obligation for what is IN the bottle." appears shady, but I could make good money act this and also ebay users are claimed to be 18+ i m sorry would aid my lull my conscience yet I don't want to do anything illegal.

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Do you enjoy selling top top ebay?

Do you want to keep marketing on ebay?

Do NOT market anything ~ above the prohibited items lists consisting of alcohol.

The bots room not perfect yet eventually world are caught, listings room removed and also people space suspended or banned.

Thanks because that this, and also I will take your advice 100%. Do you have any kind of idea why Ebay seems an extremely slack on enabling current sellers come list/sell alcohol?

I am offering an north "display" bottle from the 40s on ebay.

I take it clear photos that the party is in fact empty.

If you sell or try to sell a party containing alcohol you will certainly be banned.

eBay offered to enable full bottles of alcohol as long as it to be a collectible and the worth was in the bottle/collectibility, not the content.

Evidently, 20/20 ruined that.


Bummer, I have some 20+ year old bottles of single malt I wanted to placed on, ns was hope that because they space a collectable item lock wouldn't flag under the normal complete alcohol ban....guess not....

If i were you, and also if it was worth your time, I'd lurk around some forums tailored around spirits and also such. I can practically guarantee you'll uncover a buy/sell/trade thread. Possibly you can unload top top there.

They'll gain shut under eventually.

Not really sure where you deserve to sell liquor online, also CL/Gumtree won't enable it (in the UK).

On ebay au you can only offer alcohol if you have actually a patent to execute so. You used to be able to sell collectable complete bottles without any kind of license though.

On eBay UK you deserve to sell alcohol (i do) as lengthy as you have an alcohol license and use an AVD (like UPS offer).

That appears like an ext than simply eBay might get involved and also raise a fuss. It's practically a guarantee that it's gaining sold come minors.

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