Can hamsters eat roasted and salted sunflower seeds without the shell? Sunflower seed is a popular snack choice for hamsters. Please note that salted and unsalted sunflower seeds are different, so be careful before you give them to your hamsters.

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Sunflower Seed for Hamster

Sunflower seed is very nutritious and it can be a nice complementary snack for your lovely hamsters. Compared to the other seeds, sunflower seed is more nutritious and it contains high vitamin, mineral and fat that are important for your hamsters’ health. Furthermore, since the vitamins in this seed are water soluble, their body will automatically flush the unnecessary vitamins out of their system through the urine. As a result, they will only absorb what is necessary for their body.

Sunflower seed can offer extra nutrients that the hamsters’ main foods are unable to provide. So, giving this seed as snack is highly recommended, especially because sunflower seed is very tasty and your hamsters definitely will like it. However, you need to remember that sunflower seed is very high in fat. Therefore, it is important to give the sunflower seeds to your hamster in moderation. Hamsters are very prone to obesity and eating too much sunflower seeds definitely will be dangerous for them.

Can Hamsters Eat Roasted and Salted Sunflower Seeds Without the Shell?

Now, let’s go back to the main question. Are roasted and salted sunflower seeds safe for them? Unfortunately, the answer is not. Sunflower seeds are good for hamsters only when they are unsalted. Hamsters need and can tolerate salt, but only in a very small amount. Consuming too much salt will put the hamsters in risk of dehydration since salt make them very thirsty. Salt also retains water which will make your hamsters bloated.

Salted sunflower seeds are usually salted and roasted along with the shell. So, what if you can’t find unsalted sunflower seeds at the pet store? Can you give your hamsters salted sunflower seed without the shells instead? The answer for this question is also no. Even though you get rid of the shell, the salt has been absorbed to the seed and the seed will be salty as well. The salt will not disappear even if you wash the seeds. So, salted seeds are not recommended at all even if they come without the shell and they have been washed. Stick to the unsalted ones and if you can’t find it, give your hamsters other snacks for the time being.

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Now, what if the sunflower seeds are roasted but they are not salted? Is it still dangerous for the hamsters? Well, as long as the sunflower seeds are not salted and it is given in moderation, they will not pose any harm to your cute hamsters. However, when the sunflower seeds are roasted, they will lose the nutritional substances. If your hamsters eat them, they will just get fat without getting any beneficial vitamins.


The bottom line is, if you want to give sunflower seeds for your hamsters, stick with the unsalted and unroasted ones. These seeds are healthy and the nutrition will be good for your hamsters. That’s all about “Can hamsters eat roasted and salted sunflower seeds without the shell?”