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If you find yourself wonder what you can and cannot feed her pet guinea pig, nothing worry, this is something we can assist you with.

Like all pets, guinea pigs have a specific collection of dietary and also nutritional needs, as well as restrictions. Castle are permitted to eat a wide variety of food items, but they are also limited from a the majority of them.

But how do you understand which foodstuffs to feeding them and also which no to? because that example, deserve to guinea pigs eat corn?

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Corn?


Well, this inquiry does not have a strictly answer. In theory, yes, guinea pigs deserve to eat corn and it will certainly not be harmful come them.

However, guinea pigs are hardly ever interested in the really corn, and much more interested in the husk and the silk. In addition, you must avoid feeding lock the type of sweet canned corn, because more often 보다 not, it has actually a high salt contents that is unsuitable for guinea pigs.

Moreover, you need to never shot to feed cooked corn to guinea pigs. That is very dangerous since guinea pigs can not digest cooked foods. Only raw corn is suitable, only directly from the cob and not indigenous a can.

Even under these conditions, you should only feeding it come them as soon as in a while, as a treat, no as an everyday staple meal.

What around the Husk and the Silk?

As discussed earlier, guinea pigs love the husk and the silk come the really corn. So, if you want to provide them corn, an initial try the husk. However, make sure to choose the husk that is closest come the really cob, because it’s safest. This way, you stop the rice bowl that has actually been exposed come pesticides.

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Guinea pigs love to chew top top it and also are permitted to perform it ~ above a daily basis, unequal the actual corn kernels. They don’t have much attention in the cob itself, though. Even if they carry out want to eat it, only allow them to perform so once in a while, as this gift no nutritional value.

Why carry out Guinea Pigs favor the Husks?

Husks space the best component of the corn cob because that a guinea pig due to the fact that they discover it the tastiest and it provides the most benefits. The husk is comparable to hay or grass, not just in texture, but additionally in nutritional value. It has actually a high fiber content and it is actually very great for her guinea pigs. It is why, similar to hay, the pigs are allowed to eat husks every day, unequal corn kernels, which have to only be fed come them occasionally.

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What around Corn Flakes?

Yes, corn flakes space okay. However not once they are fed too often due to the fact that they space starchy, similar to the corn itself.

Furthermore, don’t even serve them to her guinea pigs v milk, since that will reason them cradle issues. Guinea pigs are lactose intolerant. A serving of milk and corn flakes is going to negatively affect them, so keep them far from milk and dairy products, in general.

Corn chips and corn tortillas, top top the other hand, are to be preserved out of with of your pets. Guinea pigs will eat lock if they can accessibility them, however that’s no a an excellent thing. This corn commodities have a high salt and also flour content, which provides them unsuitable consumption for guinea pigs.

Other uses for Corn

Corn husks space actually likewise excellent options for chew toys. As with chewing top top hay keeps their this from obtaining too long, the very same goes because that the husks. The texture is appropriate for that and the reality that they choose the taste is a bonus.

This is why you deserve to feed husks come them every day, with no repercussions. The very same cannot be claimed for corn kernels, since they contain high contents of starch which is well-known to be really detrimental to your pet’s health.

In addition, part guinea pigs may have difficult time digesting corn kernels. Some cavy owners have actually reported bladder stones in guinea pigs due to the reality that castle were no able to digest large starch molecules.


All in all, the final answer is yes, if guinea pigs have the right to eat corn, some restrictions and exceptions apply.

For example, her pets could not enjoy corn, however instead may be significantly much more interested in the husks and/or silks.

Moreover, also if they perform like corn, it need to only be fed come them sparingly; when or double a week, at the most. The starch is too lot to consume daily.

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As because that husks, however, as result of their similarity come hay, they are allowed to be fed to the guinea pigs every day, and also the pet will often chew on lock happily.