The quick answer is no—dogs can not eat poppy seeds. They are toxic and also harmful come dogs. Yet you can discover out the symptoms, cause, and also treatment for poppy particle poisoning in dog here.

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What happens if mine Dog Eats Poppy Seeds?

Anyone psychic Dorothy native the magician of Oz? perform you remember how she “falls asleep” in the ar of poppies? Well, the poppy seeds in those beautiful red flowers actually poisoned her, and made her happen out. Although the flower look harmless, as Dorothy quickly found out, they are an extremely dangerous.

Poppy seeds, flowers, and the plant in its totality are toxicity for our four-legged friends since they contain narcotic substances dubbed opioids. Although the amount of opioids differ in the different types of poppies, they space all dangerous and also harmful come dogs. And the smaller sized the dog, the less it bring away to have a potentially fatal affect.

So if you’re out walking your dog in a field of wildflowers—please it is in EXTRA careful! friend wouldn’t want your pup eating the dorn thing. The very same goes because that flowers and plants the you may have actually at home. It’s best to avoid having any plants in your home that are toxic come dogs, if ingested. Although our dogs are pretty smart, lock don’t always know i beg your pardon things room poisonous to eat, and which room safe.

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Symptoms that Poppy particle Poisoning in Dogs

Common symptom from a poppy seeds poisoning in dogs can be depression, sedation, a coma, or even death. If her dog has actually ingested any type of amount that poppy seeds, please contact your vet right away! The sooner you get help for your sweet pooch, the better. Here’s a an ext extensive list of the potential symptoms—depending on just how much her dog has actually eaten.

Lack or lose of appetiteWeaknessTremblingWatery eyesSudden energy rushAbnormally tiny pupils—a.k.a pinpoint pupilsAtaxia—slurred speech, stumbling, falling, and incoordinationSedationDepressionSlow and also ineffective breathingSlowed heart rateSeizuresComaDeath

The cause of Poppy particle Poisoning in Dogs

Studies have shown that there are generally 0.5 - 10 micrograms that morphine found in every gram of edible poppy seeds. Thankfully because that humans, girlfriend would have to eat quite a bit come feel any kind of medicine high or narcotic effects. Yet for dogs, any type of amount can be toxic and harmful.

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According come the Pet toxicity Helpline, “The alkaloids uncovered in poppies differ with each species; part can influence the main nervous mechanism (e.g., brain). Gulp down of any part of the plant can result in sedation or one excited (e.g., euphoric) state.” This is what causes the symptom in dogs listed above. Therefore if you space planning on eating something through poppy seeds, make certain you save it far, far away from her dog. Or much better yet, take into consideration not even bringing it into your home—just in case. Accidents do happen, and this is one accident you’ll desire to shot and avoid.

Treatment that Poppy particle Poisoning in Dogs

If your dog has eaten any type of foods with poppy seeds, or you doubt they have—call her veterinarian right away. In any potentially dangerous situation, it’s finest to just contact the vet and also ask what to do. Although they may request the you bring your dog to their clinic to be viewed in person, that doesn’t price anything come ask your vet a concern over the phone.

Also, you re welcome don’t shot to induce vomiting in ~ home, unless otherwise directed by her vet. Even though this is the prize in part situations, it’s not necessarily the right move here—especially if her dog ate the poppy seeds much more than 90 minutes ago. Your veterinarian to know the suitable care for your dog in this situation. Castle will have the ability to give your dog the suitable fluids and also medication needed, while closely watching their symptoms and also state that wellbeing.

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Can I offer My Dog Poppy Seeds?

By this point, you’ve found out that the prize is plainly a no. Poppy seeds have actually no nutritional value to a dog, and also they can cause a devastating amount of harm. The moral of the story is—don’t keep any foods in the house that contain poppy seeds. It’s just not precious the risk.

Of course, accidents do occur sometimes—so don’t feel bad. Girlfriend may bring home some lemon poppy seed muffins one day. And also your dog happens to eat part that dropped on the floor. If over there is ever before an chance that your dog come into contact with poppies in the wild, or coincidentally ate part from food ~ above the floor, please don’t remain silent because you’re embarrassed or ashamed. Speak to your veterinarian right away to get your priceless furbaby the assist and fist that they need. The sooner girlfriend do, the much more likely you space to save their life!