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Do you have actually guinea pigs and also a dog? then you might have had actually an concern with her dog eat guinea poop. If so, remainder assured this is a an extremely common problem. While researching this article, us found numerous instances the pet parents who had actually this very same problem!

Some dogs Eat noþeles & Everything

There space dogs that will eat nearly anything, consisting of poop! Why on earth would a dog uncover guinea pig poop miscellaneous yummy? It’s hard to say. Perhaps the dog likes the smell, or the taste.There’s also a medical condition, which renders dogs eat points not usually on the menu.


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Coprophagia & Dogs

Dogs are known to eat poop top top a continual basis—some dogs more than others. This is a condition called coprophagia. The a problem that provides dogs (and people) eat things that space not normally on the menu. This can incorporate poop from various other animals, dirt, rocks, and more.Coprophagia is sometimes a behavior issue, for instance if a dog has some type of stress or is depressed. It can additionally be led to if the dog is infected v parasites, or if he has actually a nutritional deficiency or doesn’t get sufficient to eat.

Is Guinea Pig Poop Harmful come Dogs?

Not normally. If your guinea pig is in great health and also you save his cage cleaned, then his poop more than likely won’t make your dog sick.However, part guinea pigs, even if lock look healthy, can carry harmful viruses and bacteria it is excreted in their poop. A pair of the most typical viruses and also bacteria in guinea pig poop includes:Salmonella: this is a bacterium the infects and also lives in the intestines. It can reason stomach pain, fever, vomiting, diarrhea, and more.LCMV: lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus (LCMV) is a viral epidemic that’s very common in rodents, including guinea pigs.If her dog’s otherwise healthy and also happy, then he must be OK even if he’s to be eating guinea pig poo. However, if the shows any kind of signs of being ill, then it’s time to speak to the vet. The vet will be able to test her dog because that infections, including those listed above.

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How to keep Your Dog from eating Guinea Pig Poo

If your dog has a habit of eat guinea pig poo, in addition to other unhealthy things, then it’s time to call the vet. The vet will have the ability to check your dog because that different conditions including infections from parasites, and more.For dogs that have actually coprophagia caused by stress and anxiety, the vet may prescribe part medication to assist the dog feeling better. It deserve to also aid if you pay plenty of attention to your dog, go on walks, and also more.

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