Wouldn’t it it is in nice to have the ability to share our tasty to apologize snacks v our pets? girlfriend are most likely here because you are mindful that no all foodstuffs that space safe for humans to eat are safe for your pet mustache dragon to eat. Can bearded dragon eat apples?

Dr. Jess describes it all below:


Let’s speak Bearded Dragons!

Bearded dragons room chill tiny reptiles that are grouped into the category of desert lizards – they like a warm, dry environment.

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They are grouped right into the genus Pogona v eight different species falling under this grouping.

The eight varieties of bearded dragon are differentiated from one another and named for the distinctions in their spines on their chins and necks.

Bearded dragons get their surname from theirarmor of spiny scales, which encompass a “beard” the spikes under your chins, and also a neck the puffs up relying on their mood, most generally seen as soon as puffed out when they space upset.

They carry out this to seem bigger to every little thing is upsetting or intimidating them.

This might be paired through a erry ‘hiss’ as soon as really upset.

They deserve to live approximately 10 years and also can reach as much as 24 inches long and weigh as much as 18 ounces once complete grown. They range in colors indigenous brown, to orange, to yellow, come cream.

Beardies have actually a an exact eye and good sense that smell.

Bearded dragons are often referred to as “beardies”, are one of the much more popular reptilian pets due to the fact that of their cool, amazing exterior and also their popularity gift of low maintenance pets.

What execute Bearded Dragons frequently Eat?

What execute bearded dragon eat? How execute they eat it? Do bearded dragons have teeth?

So many an excellent questions come answer here!

Beardies frequently consume vegetables, fruits, and also insects.

Bearded dragon are taken into consideration omnivorous, an interpretation they eat what both herbivores (plant-eaters) and carnivores (meat-eaters).

Young, immature, farming bearded dragons tend to be greatly carnivores, and eat an ext meat, at most 80% animal and 20% tree material

Adult bearded dragons space usually the precise opposite once it concerns diet, they have tendency to eat an ext plants and also be much more on the herbivorous side of things. Part adult beardies deserve to be much more along the present of 80% plant and also 20% pet foods.

As a basic rule of thumb, a moustache dragon’s diet need to be comprised of foodstuffs that are roughly the straightforward ballpark the 50% animal-based and 50% plant-based.

As discussed above, the age and also maturity of each and every dragon should additionally come right into play here, so the is a very an excellent idea to comment on your dragon’s particular diet through your veterinarian.

If your bearded dragon stops eating – examine out this post on how lengthy bearded dragons can go without eating food and contact your regional veterinarian.

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Common Store-Bought fruit for bearded Dragons:

ApricotsDatesFigsGrapesGuavaKiwiMangoMelonPapayaPeachesPearsPlumsRaisinsand a multitude of various other fruitsMedical Concerns about Fruits:

Many fruits have the right to be fed to bearded dragon every now and then in very little amounts.

However, many fruits are exceptionally acidic or high in sugar and can be complicated on moustache dragon cradle systems.

This is why just a very little amount every blue moon (like when a month!) should be the norm with most fruits because that beardies.

This go for countless fruits and vegetables.

Let’s speak Apples…

Apples space a common kind of fruit below in the U.S.

Apples space a rounded fruit with a green or red exterior skin that deserve to be special or delicate, depending upon variety, and a crisp fruit center that is juicy and also watery.

Apples come in many different varieties, sizes, flavors, and therefore has actually been supplied in cooked for many different uses. Apologize come native apple trees and have an internal core with apple seed at the an extremely center that its fruit.


Apple Nutrition:

Just choose with any type of other fruit, apples have their nutritional value…. As well as some points to it is in weary of! below are several of the highlights the an to apologize nutritional profile :

Vitamin C:

Vitamin C is crucial to your bearded dragon remaining happy and also healthy and also an apple has actually a healthy amount the this vitamin.

Sugar Content:

Apples have actually a kind sugar and also carbohydrate content as well.

Something come take note on and also to keep in mind as soon as feeding to bearded dragon who can come down with digestive upset through increased quantities of sugar!

Water Amount:

An apple additionally contains a high percentage of water, i m sorry is good when spring to maintain hydration. However too lot water can be troublesome!


Apples contain a high percent fiber too!

Apples carry out fiber which helps in constipation and improves gut motility. The is additionally why you feel complete after eat an apple – that boosted fiber helps save you feeling full for longer, or “satiated”.

Too much fiber however, can lead to too much gut motility… and that’s no a an excellent thing either!

Other vitamins & Minerals:

It have to be listed that apples contain other vitamins and minerals, such as potassium, the is essential for healthy body function.