You have actually probably thought about feeding her dragon cauliflower and also wondered around its health benefits and also nutritional makeup.

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Let’s look at cauliflower in-depth and also explore whether or not you need to feed it to your beardie.

As a whole, cauliflower is fine to feed her bearded dragon a few times every month in small amounts. It’s not an suitable staple vegetable as result of its unbalanced calcium come phosphorus ratio, high amount of goitrogens, and also minimal nutritional benefits.

Read on come learn much more about cauliflower, that nutritional information, and also how you must implement it right into your lovely lizard’s diet.


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Is Cauliflower great For bearded Dragons?

Is Cauliflower great For mustache Dragons?

While cauliflower is technically safe to feed to her bearded dragon, it must only be provided in little amounts sparingly, together there room many much better options obtainable for the vegetable part of their diet.

The main problems presented by cauliflower which do it an inappropriate staple vegetable, room its low calcium come phosphorus ratio, high lot of goitrogens, and also overall short nutritional benefits for bearded dragons specifically.

Its water content is also fairly low, make it as whole an worse option contrasted to various other vegetables.

Interestingly, the cauliflower leaves are better nutritionally than the cauliflower itself, therefore if you happen to have cauliflower greens obtainable you don’t setup on eat yourself, you can want come toss them right into your dragon’s tank indigenous time to time.

If her dragon has emerged a taste because that cauliflower, keep feedings to a minimum.

It is for sure to feed her dragon cauliflower 2-3 times per month in ~ most, or roughly once every week or 2 in little amounts.

Don’t feeding it together a clip vegetable or together a salad base; instead, sprinkle a couple of pieces on height of their meals from time come time.

Cauliflower: Nutritional Information

Nutritionally, cauliflower is good for humans and also other animals, yet it doesn’t present plenty of health benefits for mustache dragons.

It has a tiny amount of calcium, but this ends up going to waste as it is likewise high in phosphorus, which will absorb many of the calcium anyway.

Cauliflower also contains little to moderate quantities of the following advantageous vitamins and nutrients:

Vitamin CIronMagnesiumProteinFiberPotassium

This can make cauliflower seem like a an excellent option, however there room much better and much more nutritious vegetables easily accessible for her dragon’s diet.

Overall, beardies don’t need much vitamin C, and also they will acquire far much more fiber, protein, magnesium, and iron from other sources that nutritious food like dark, irpari greens and also insects.

Calcium come Phosphorus ratio of Cauliflower

The calcium to phosphorus proportion of your dragon’s food items in your diet is essential, together phosphorus binds with and also absorbs calcium, rendering it useless if the ratio of phosphorus is higher than calcium present in your food.

The right calcium come phosphorus ratio is 2:1, with a higher ratio of 3:1 or also 4:1 being also better.

Unfortunately, the proportion of cauliflower is just 1:2, an interpretation the phosphorus current in the will conveniently bind through the small amount of calcium, preventing it native being absorbed by her lizard’s body.

Bearded dragons require a calcium-rich diet, together it keeps your bones strong and stays clear of deadly illness such together metabolic bone disease.

Cauliflower basically presents no calcium in ~ all due to its deficient calcium come phosphorus ratio.

Cauliflower wellness Benefits and Concerns

The health benefits that cauliflower room minimal, with the cauliflower greens being far much more nutritionally useful than the vegetables itself.

As briefly touched on above, it gift a tiny amount of iron, fiber, magnesium, and protein.

Still, these amounts are minimal compared to other vegetables choose dark greens, bell peppers, green beans, and plenty that others.

Also, cauliflower is reasonably high in goitrogens, building material which prevent the manufacturing of thyroid hormones.

A high goitrogen diet reasons bearded dragon to develop thyroid imbalances, which presents countless other health worries like ache goiters.

However, one potential benefit of cauliflower is its low amount that oxalic acid, also known together oxalates.

Oxalic mountain is an organic compound existing in many vegetables and also fruits.

It is problematic because that bearded dragons since it binds with and absorbs calcium.

Cauliflower currently contains a short amount the calcium compared to that is phosphorus content, though, and much that it currently present in the vegetable will certainly be absorbed by the phosphorus, an interpretation this “benefit” will largely go come waste anyway.

Still, while you have to avoid feeding it to her lizard together a clip food, it is agree to administer them a bit of cauliflower on chance as a treat, largely if your lizard has arisen a preference for it.

A variety of food is great anyway, for this reason don’t stick to one type over one more all the time.

Cauliflower Vs. Collard Greens because that Bearded Dragon

To help demonstrate why cauliflower is lacking, let’s look in ~ its nutritional value versus fantastic green because that beardies, the collard green.

This chart is based on 100g, and also the details is traction fromNutrition Data.

NutrientCauliflowerCollard Greens
Sodium23 mg20 mg
Calcium33 mg145 mg
Phosphorus62 mg10 mg
Calcium:Phosphorus Ratio1:214:1
Potassium300 mg196 mg
Iron0.7 mg0.2 mg
Vitamin A155 IU6668 IU
Vitamin C88 mg35 mg

Wow! while cauliflower wins in Vitamin C and also Potassium, these aren’t as crucial as the calcium come phosphorus ratio and Vitamin A.

Collard greens have fantastic 14:1 ratio and a enormous amount that Vitamin A.

It’s simple to watch why these room a clip green.

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You may also enjoy looking at it in this chart form.

Note:I left out the Vitamin A row because collard greens have actually so lot more; that skews the whole chart!