A large pack of 20 wolves vs a pride of 1 male, and 7 female lions. Everyone is bloodlusted.

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R1- The fight takes place in the Roman Colosseum

R2- The fight takes place outdoors in a generic plains/savannah setting


Things going for the wolves:

Superior numbers

Superior endurance

Superior intelligence

Pack moral

The average size of male grey wolves is around 5.5' long and roughly 100 lbs. Since they're up against a much larger animal, we'll go with their absolute largest possible size - 7' long and 175 lbs. They have a running gait of 43 mph, can leap 16 ft horizontally in a single bound, and can maintain a full speed pursuit for at least 20 minutes. A single male wolf was documented bringing down a Canadian moose. Wolves also possess bone-crushing bites and regularly aim for a neck bite to either suffocate its prey, break its neck, or sever arteries while the rest of the pack weigh it down and cut into its gut, allowing a faster death by bleeding out.

Things going for the lions:

Superior strength

Larger size

The average size for a Southwest African Lion is 9' long and roughly 400 lbs. Strength, speed, and endurance information couldn't be found, but male lions can bring down zebra and water buffalo by themselves. They also prefer to bite for the neck, mainly attempting to suffocate its prey while the rest of the pride weigh it down with their collective body weight. Lions also have a bone-crushing bite.

On paper, it's a tough fight. One would think that it would boil down to a numbers game, and it probably would, but I don't think it's that simple. Wolves rarely fight anything alone, though they certainly can (as mentioned above). By nature, they operate like ants - a cohesive team with one goal in mind. A single lion would certainly 9/10 a single wolf barring the possibility that the wolf manages to get a grip on the back of its neck and crush its vertebra or slice an artery.

The lion's main advantages are its paw, powerful forearms, and ability to grapple. A direct confrontation would lead to either being swatted or grabbed and crushed inside the lion's jaws. However, wolves rarely attack anything head-on like that.

They'd play a cat and mouse game. Since lions don't have a pack mentality, it would be easy to section off a single female and surround her with three wolves. One would keep the lion distracted while the others would take slicing bites at the lion's flanks and soft areas (belly, groin, etc). A few females will die this way.

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The wolves would avoid the male lion, hoping to take down the females first and then gang up on it, but that wouldn't happen. The wolves would all die. Their endurance, intelligence, and pack mentality can't stand up to the sheer power the lions have. That said, the wolves kill more than half of the lions. Three females and the lone male remain at the end, and one or more of the females later die of their wounds.