1. Which traveler was the an initial to develop a sea path to Asia? for which European country did he sail?

2. Which explorer was the very first to sail come the east shore of southern America? because that which European

country did the sail?

3. By 1600, on which continents did Portugal claim or regulate territory or cities?

4. Which explorer was the very first to sail to what are today the Caribbean Islands, in between North

and southern America? because that which European country did the sail?

5. Which explorer was the first to lead a trip that at some point went approximately the world? because that which European country did he sail?

6. Which country had explorers that led explorations into the floor of the Aztecs and Incas in North and South America? who were these explorers?

7. By 1600, on which continent did Spain insurance claim territory?

8. Which European nations during this duration sent explorers to north America’s east coast?

Name 3 of this explorers.

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The influence of exploration on european Commerce and also Economies

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1.) Vasco de Gama who was a European explorer (Portugal)

2.) Carbal that was from Portugal

3.) south America, Africa, and also Asia

4.) Christopher Columbus native Spain

5.) Elcano that was associated with Magellan and sailed for Spain.

6.) Spain who had actually Pizarro and Cortes

7.) Spain who had regulate in North, South, and main America together with Europe

8.) Unitied Kingdom, France, and The Netherland who were responsible for Cabot , Hudson, and finally De Verrazano

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