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Repost native Browning thread, this is probably a much more appropriate thread. Walk anyone know just how to read the serial number layout to determine the year made on this shotgun? I recently picked this up and also assume it"s among the original 1968 to 1974 BT 99"s based on the D in the serial number. I checked the browning serial number identification site and the format does not complement what"s on the site, and there is a caveat that not all styles are referenced. The style on my gun v the "D" is: 00D00000Thanks

Thanks. Unfortunately the doesn"t seem to quite match either. Sent an e-mail to Browning too. We"ll watch if they assist

The 2 numbers prior to the d should represent the year if i recall correctly.To recognize the future is to be trapped by it
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The 2 numbers prior to the d should signify the year if i recall correctly.To know the future is to be trapped by it
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