Crazy now i was running my mid 90"s exmark 32w/b through a brigs IC 12hp.. I inspect the oil ~ above every mower every day.. But this stupid briggs dosnt have actually a rod so the kinda it s okay neglected..anyhoo 1/2 way threw the garden it starts screamming!! so i gentaly carried down the throttle. When i acquired to about 1/4 thrttle it just locked increase on me.. Traction the recoil and also nothing. Entirely froze.. Smoke putting out of the oil fill.. So i go come my parts supplier ask him it if most of the components for a rebuild are still avil. And also check prices because that replacements..Then ns go house to grab one more mower and also when ns take it off the truck I provide it one last " i cant belive i locked it up pull" and it moves a small bit.. So i drainpipe out the 3 tablespoons of black black black oil left in there. Fill it up through some 10-30 unhook the plug wire and also gently pull it 4 or 5 times. It getting simpler with each pull, hook the plug back up and also it fires very first pull and runs smoother then ever. Cut the remainder of the day with it HAHAHAHASO im wondering what would reason it come unlock..just cooling down and everything shrinking a bit? mabye i shut it under right prior to it yes, really really locked all in all verry verry lucky day.. I will certainly be babying this point for currently on, tomorrow shes getting an additional oil change, new plug, air filter and a nice tiny wash and also for now on, weekly oil changes

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probobly locked up since it to be low on oil. So lack of lubrication causes the steel to obtain hotter and lock up. For this reason the black scorched oil. After a cool under it to be probobly enough to to totally free it up. For this reason the fresh oil was sufficient to lube it increase properly and get it functioning properly.ive seen it take place a few times. You got pretty lucky. Generally it will certainly mess up something in the bottom end.
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Briggs con rods and engine block are aluminum and also when there is no oil and that aluminum gets warm it gets like a vise grip lock. As soon as it cools it shrinks and brakes free, yet some that the aluminum is melted ~ above the crank and also thats why the takes a few turns to polish the off. IF you prefer that mower lug oil along and also keep it full at all times and also start budgeting because that a brand-new engine, together I"m an extremely sure friend diminised it"s lifespan.


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Richard boy name said:
I suspect that in the not too remote future you begin to hear the stick knock. That will be followed shortly by the same rod coming the end of the side of the block.
This...the political parties of the Briggs blocks cannot save the energy of the explosion! sometimes they just swell and crack...most of the moment the stick breaks and also makes a nice inspection port.Posted via mobile Device

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