Brands invest billions the dollars to acquire their visual identities right! In their pursuit of getting that perfect logo, which would aptly explain their brand image, companies and also top organization houses spend sleepless nights with designers and also agencies to ensure every architecture element perfect narrates the brand story. Native the shade palette to the symbol to the an option of letters, all need to convey the brand narrative to the tee.

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Letters play a key role in promoting brand identity; therefore, a brand have to select appropriate letters and fonts. Letter Z, because that example, signifies the end and a new beginning; hence, brand that desire to convey childlike joy and also exuberance must use “O” and also “J” through yellow, orange and white color palettes together opposed to making use of “Z.”

The letter “N” is provided by iconic brand such together Nestle and also Netflix to convey progress, creativity and originality. The energy of N transforms when offered with various color schemes. Because that example, when offered with red, N could signify passion and creativity; Netflix is a element example. Again, when used with blue, it can portray balance and also calmness, just like Nestle.


Apart from huge brands using the letter “N” as a component of your visual identity, the alphabet is widely provided in multiple areas of examine to denote numerous things.

In physics, the primary quantum number is denoted by “n.” according to an article, “In atoms, there room a complete of four quantum numbers: the major quantum number (n), the orbit angular inert quantum number (l), the magnetic quantum number (mI), and also the electron spin quantum number (ms)…” The “n” explains the probable distance of the electron indigenous the nucleus.

In psychology, N is the abbreviation for numeric ability. Louis L. Thurstone propose a Primary psychological Abilities check to gauge a who intelligence. The test was based on seven unitary factors, specific verbal capacity (V), spatial intelligence (S), numerical capacity (N), storage (M), perpetual speed (P), native fluence (WF), and reasoning (R).

The italic n, in mathematics, denotes a variable quantity in a collection of natural numbers. Again, N is offered to signify the set of herbal numbers.

Letter “N” symbolism

The Egyptian connection

It all began in Egypt through the emergence of the letter “M.” The letter N was produced just after ~ M to signify a snake, a cobra in specific. Apart from symbolizing the deadly cobra, the letter N additionally portrayed the striding attitude of Horus—one of the key gods in the Egyptian trinity.

The an effective Horus is concerned as thrice wise or wisdom in action. His right eye is the sun, symbolizing power and also energy, and also his left eye is the moon, representing creativity, peace and healing.

A brand that is focused on highlighting any of the over qualities with its visual identity have the right to use the letter N.


The Egyptian connection can be viewed in the miscellaneous esoteric teachings found throughout ancient civilizations. The letter N is very closely related to the Egyptian rate “ing.” “I” represents Horus’ spinal column, “N” to represent the striding position, and “G” symbolizes his reproductive organ. Together, the syllable represents the act of creation!

According to various esoteric ideologies of the ancient world, a person can unlock his true potential as soon as he find perfect harmony through balancing the “ing” within. The act of creation—whether designs or music or arts or science—is the highest possible manifestation the a who abilities.

A brand that wishes come portray its creative abilities and also intellect through its branding can select the letter N.


In logos, the letter N carries an array of meanings. Let us take a fast tour:

Power: Due to its connection with the Egyptian god Horus, the letter N symbolizes unequaled power. Brands have the right to use the alphabet to to mark themselves together the height gun the the industry.Creativity: As explained above, creativity is taken into consideration as the pinnacle the a who abilities since it elevates the close come the creator himself.Adventure: The diagonal line line touching the top and bottom clues of two right parallel present in the letter N, to add a feeling of adventure. Brands the are connected with adventure sporting activities or athletics may use the letter N together a component of their visual identities—Nike is a prime example.

Apart from the above, the letter N can symbolize the following:

PragmatismFocusCuriosityIndependenceOriginalityUnconventional ApproachReliabilityImaginationOut of package approach

Top 5 service providers with the letter N in your logos

1. NBA


The NBA, the premier basketball organization in the world, was established in 1946 together the Basketball combination of America (BAA). Adhering to a merger with the nationwide Basketball league in 1949, the BAA was offered a brand-new name—the nationwide Basketball organization (NBA).

Apart native hosting the most-watched basketball games in the US, the association is associated with addressing global social worries under that NBA care programs. The routine primarily focuses on “youth-serving program that support education, youth and also family development, and health-related reasons …”

Who is ~ above the NBA logo?

Now, that is a million-dollar question! as the legends have actually it, the silhouetted figure in the blue and red foreground is none other than Jerry West. However, the combination disproves the theory of the image’s association through the legendary basketball player.

The red and also blue shade palette provided in the logo design evokes nationalism and patriotism since of that is association with the united state flag. The number of a basketball player in the logo design is both inspiring and also creative.

2. Netflix


Founded in 1997 by Reed Hastings and also Marc Randolph, Netflix is a US-based over-the-top entertain platform. After over a decade of DVD sales and also rentals, and streaming media, Netflix started its journey as a contents producer and also distributor that films and also television series in 2012. Today, Netflix offers a variety of its creation under what that calls the “Netflix Originals.”

Netflix logos space as well-known as the “originals” lock make. The OTT platform offers two logos: the solitary “N” for its iOS and also Android users, and also the wordmark for whatever else.

Created in 2016, the “N” emblem to be not adopted from the wordmark however made from scratch. The letter “N” shows up as despite a ribbon has actually folded over itself to form the solitary letter. As for the wordmark right now in use, that is not really different indigenous its previously counterpart.

3. Nestle


A brand-new brand was born ~ the merger of two companies in 1905, specific the Anglo-Swiss Milk Company, established in 1866, and Farine Lactee Henri Nestle, created in 1867. The brand-new company was called Nestle and focused on production various products such as baby food, breakfast cereal, medical food, and also other daily-use products.

While Nestle, the owner of numerous iconic brands such as Nescafe, Maggi and also Kit Kat, deserve to brag about being one of the peak brands in the world, the company has also faced its re-publishing of criticism and also controversies. The iconic brand has actually come under the radar number of times because that allegedly encouraging boy labor and marketing that baby foods as an different to breastfeeding.

In that 150-year history, Nestle has redesigned its logo over a half-dozen times. However, the central theme that the logo has always remained the same. The main visual element of the iconic logo design is the nest with 3 birds in it. The branches and also the oak leaves are distinctly visible, do the emblem one of the many iconic intuitive identities in the world.

4. Nissan


Headquartered in Nishi-Ku, Japan, the Nissan Motor company Ltd. Sells its dare under Nissan, Datsun and also Infiniti brands. The brand came into existence in 1933 and has grown by leaps and also bounds because then. In 2014, the Japanese automakers came to be the fourth largest car manufacturer in the US: and also in 2018, Nissan came to be the optimal manufacturer of electric vehicles through its sales in the 2nd spot, just behind Tesla.

The firm name is consisted of of two Japanese syllables, specific “ni” and “ssan.” Ni in Japanese means the sun and also ssan denote births—the bear of the sun. As explained earlier, the letter “N” can depict the power and energy that the sun, and Nissan an extremely well captures the essence through its intuitive identity.

5. Nike


Founded in 1964 together the Blue Ribbon sporting activities by invoice Bowerman and Phil Knight, the firm was destined come achieve good things. Change the name after the Greek goddess of victory in 1971, Nike is just one of the largest manufacturers and also sellers of athletic commodities today.

The above Nike Swoosh to be designed in 1971 by Carolyn Davidson, a design student in ~ Portland State University. Davidson designed among the most iconic logos in the human being for a just $35. The Nike Swoosh stands for victory, inspiration, hard work, courage, and determination—elements the make sporting legends.

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To conclude

From the power of the sun to the raw power of the Egyptian god Horus, the letter N has actually been offered by iconic brands to portray a good many things. While that is true that the visual identification of a brand is no the only facet that provides a firm successful, the surely go a long means in creating the brand identity. Well-planned branding strategies have the strength to set your brand apart, yet in the lengthy run, it is the product and service you sell that matters.