my Dad rarely ever reads books, if he does it's usually a thriller or funny crime story.A few weeks ago, however, that finished reading Ernest Hemingway's 'The Old Man and the Sea' and also said that really delighted in it!

Can you imply any comparable books, maybe classics (but no necessarily), the are additionally short and an ideal for someone the reads very little? Would favor to give him something for his birthday.

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Thanks in breakthrough :)


He should shot some Jack London - The call of the Wild, White Fang. Right here is a attach to his devastating quick story, "To construct a Fire" - the stylistic similarity to 'The Old Man and the Sea' a nice clear

Thank you! found a brief story collection that includes the one girlfriend linked, and also it's a modern-day translation too - awesome!

I need to admit i haven't read 'The Old Man and the Sea' myself, however I'm certain he will appreciate the comparable style :)

The Pearl by man Steinbeck is a an excellent read and a short one in ~ that!

If he liked Hemingway, you should have actually him check out 2 of his brief story collections: In ours Time and also The Snows that Kilimanjaro. Both around 160 pages and also both some comparable stories to The Old Man and also the Sea.

Lastly, despite it’s a bit longer, he should inspect out Hemingway’s to Have and also Have Not. Best method to describe it would be a comparable story as Breaking bad (good male goes bad) but set in Cuba and also Florida.

Thanks! because that some reason the idea of providing him brief stories didn't also occur to me, might be great for when he's not committed enough to read a whole book over a much longer time span

The Pearl sound perfect! i will certainly order that, if no for him, then I'll simply keep the myself, hehe :)

The Old Man and the Wasteland by Nick Cole. The main character's favorite publication happens to be The Old Man and also the Sea

wow, this sounds choose a perfect follow-up publication to read after 'The Old Man and also the Sea'! give thanks to you

to be completely honest, though, I'd favor for the link to be slightly less noticeable - don't want him come think he'll just every get linked with stories around some old man, considering 'The Old Man and the Gun' is already one of our father-daughter movie ;)

might on slide it in next year :)

I indicate "Strange case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde" by Robert louis Stevenson, the is not comparable to "The Old Man and the Sea" but I'm sure he will like it.

"Things fall Apart" through Chinua Achebe is yes, really good. A deceptively straightforward story (that's not actually basic at all).

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