countless tourists cruise to san Juan, Puerto Rico, each year. (Photo: DC Productions/Photodisc/Getty photos )

Puerto Rico is a republic of the United states in the Caribbean. The island has a lengthy history, including 500-year-old Spanish forts in the center of mountain Juan, the capital. Additionally, white beaches and crystal-clear blue waters space a significant draw because that sun-starved tourists throughout winter. U.S. Citizens execute not need a passport to travel there and flight time to Puerto Rico are quick for lot of the continental united States, making it a convenient tropical vacation destination.

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Pack for the climate. Puerto Rico has a dry climate, and also even during winter have the right to be hot and humid; load clothing ideal for the heat. Plenty of travelers from northern climates room unprepared because that the intensity of the sun, for this reason make sure you carry lots of sunscreen and also a hat to defend your skin. Lastly, don"t forget her swimsuit; the waters surrounding the island are warmth all year.

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Fly right into Puerto Rico. Mountain Juan is a significant travel hub for the Caribbean and also accepts countless flights day-to-day from everywhere the mainland united States. Additionally, frequent flights come from Canada, Europe and also South America. Other cities in Puerto Rico have international airports, such as Aguadilla ~ above the northwestern corner of the island and Ponce in the south, and also they accept frequent flights native the joined States.

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Take a ferry. Ferries depart a couple of times a week from Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic for Mayguez top top the west shore of Puerto Rico. Trips take in between 11 and 12 hours and sleeping berths are obtainable for an extra fee. Ferries likewise are obtainable from the Virgin archipelago to the east coast of Puerto Rico, however these room not as constant as the Dominican Republic ships.

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Cruise into San Juan. After Miami, san Juan is the busiest cruise port of speak to in the Caribbean. Numerous ships either protect against or originate in the city. Numerous cruises from Miami end up stopping for a job or two in Puerto Rico. A couple of cruises end in san Juan and passengers fly back home from Puerto Rico. San Juan"s cruise harbor is in the old component of the city, which makes it straightforward for cruise job trippers to visit historical attractions and trendy restaurants.

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