The best part about a low country boil is every the leftovers. I love enjoy it low nation boil leftovers because that days after us entertain guests through a shrimp boil. Follow this tips for the next time you uncover yourself v leftover boiled shrimp.

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How come reheat a seafood boil / how to reheat a low country boil

Seafood boils, also known together low country boils, space delicious and safe come eat offered cold. However if you feeling the should eat lock warm, try one of this ideas:

Simply different the shrimp native the remainder of the enjoy the meal if you want the potatoes, corn and sausage served warm.If you desire the entire thing warm, it’s straightforward to throw little batches right into the microwave, yet don’t chef too long. Overcooked shrimp is never a good thing.Boil part water, add an ext seasoning and throw the entire meal into the water long sufficient to reheat without cooking. Number of minutes at the longest.

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Why I needed to repurpose a seafood boil

I when put with each other a large low nation boil once a pair of friend were an alleged to pertained to dinner. A delayed plane readjusted our plans. Prior to I knew it, I had actually a low country boil large enough to offer an military but only two human being to eat it!


Since I dislike food waste, I had actually to come up with a method to prevent wasting every one of this food.

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As shortly as I uncovered out she wasn’t coming, the food garbage wheels began spinning in my head. I knew there might be a method to salvage all the food for the next night for this reason I began coming up through a plan. This is what I ended up with:

Tom and also I ate as much of the fresh low nation boil as possible on Monday night. Climate we had to get an innovative with the remainder of it!

How to repurpose a seafood boil feast

Serve that again, but separated

I separated the shrimp indigenous the potatoes, corn and also sausage for this reason I could heat up everything yet the shrimp the following day. Top top Tuesday night i served the potatoes, corn and also sausage together a side dish and also the boiled shrimp cocktail layout with homemade sauce.

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Lucky because that us, low country shrimp boil tastes great hot or cold. Below is the recipe ns used.


ZATARAIN"S Crawfish, Crab and also Shrimp boil in a Bag3 pounds of raw medium shrimp v peel12 red potatoes1 white onion4 ears of corn1 lb of sausage


Cut onion right into quarters.Husk corn and also cut each ear in half.Cut each potato in halfCut sausage into bite size piecesPlace onion, corn, potatoes, sausage and also crab boil in a large stock pot and cover with water. Bring to a boil.Let cook for 30 minutes.Check if potatoes space tender, if so add shrimp and also cook because that 3 more minutes or until pink.Drain water and also serve hot.Coat v extra Tony Chachere"s for more flavor.You can likewise let cool and also serve cold.

I open minded think repurposing this meal v zero waste is one of my finer moments when it involves food waste.

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Ever wonder just how to reheat fried shrimp?

You’re not alone! inspect out this article to find out a couple of easy tips because that reheating fried shrimp.

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Nathalie says

March 17, 2015 at 10:37 am

Ah, your pictures make me hungry! It to be a an excellent save, Hannah! I’m sure your girlfriend appreciated the initiative you made to rescue the ingredients so she can taste the the next day!

many thanks for posting the recipe, I’ll have to make that at some point. Among my favourite memories that the past couple of years to be eating low nation seafood boil that friends had actually prepared while us were camping in a group. We ate it with our bare hands, roughly a campfire, after a long day of outdoor activities, and it was the ideal dinner ever.

Did you do your own coconut breading because that the shrimp? care to share the recipe?