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The Legalities of Dumpster Diving in Michigan 

People have asked, is dumpster diving illegal in Michigan? Dumpster diving or scavenging, no issue what you speak to it, that has come to be a popular event amongst many, however it go have threats when you’re no careful.

We’ve done the research and also we recognize that in 1988 the can be fried Court ruling of California vs. Greenwood made that legal throughout the states to dumpster dive, yet there room stipulations to the law.


In Ann Arbor the municipal password of ordinance 2:8, title Scavenging and Unauthorized Storage, claims that no human shall collect or eliminate solid garbage or recyclables that have actually been put out for city collection.

We have uncovered no evidence indicating the dumpster diving is permitted with a license, however, you should call the city clerk’s office come be certain there is no allow in place for this action, particularly if your will is to resell your finds.

If you uncover there is no one-of-a-kind permit for dumpster diving in Ann Arbor, don’t hazard fines and/or prison time understanding it’s illegal in the city. 

For more Information Contact:

City Clerk

Larcom City Hall

Second Floor

301-E. Huron Street

Ann Arbor, MI. 48104


In Conclusion

In conclusion, us hope that us answered her question, is dumpster diving illegal in Michigan? as we mentioned, it is legitimate in the state, however, you deserve to see that four out the the 5 biggest claims we’ve preferred either call for you to acquire a license or the isn’t allowed at all.

Since legislations do adjust periodically, it would certainly be advised the you contact the number we’ve detailed to be sure nothing has changed. It’s always best to twin check than to wind up in trouble. It’s likewise smart to understand the area you will certainly be diving in since some jurisdictions have the right to be different on one next of the road from the other.

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As always, safety need to remain a priority. Adopt these habits when diving into the dumpsters:

Always undertake old clothing; long sleeves, long pants, close up door toed shoes, and also gloves.Use a long pole or heavy stick as soon as scavenging through the trash come avoid acquiring poked, cut, or bitten by one animal.Carry a flashlight and use it to shine into the dumpstersAlways dive in a well-lit area.Clean-up your mess when you’re finished.Keep the noise level come a minimum to protect against a disturbance.If you asked to leave, kindly perform so.Never cross a no trespassing area, don’t hop fences, and also never cut locks.Most importantly, know the area and the laws around dumpster diving before going in!

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