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triglyceride, any one of crucial group the naturally emerging lipids (fat-soluble components of life cells). Triglycerides space esters in which 3 molecules of one or more different fatty acids are connected to the alcohol glycerol; lock are called according come the fatty mountain components; e.g., tristearin contains three molecules of stearic acid, and oleodistearin, one of oleic acid and also two of stearic acid. The types of triglycerides in pets vary v the species and the composition of fat in the food.

Triglycerides in animals and probably in tree seeds duty as depots that energy. In mammals they room stored in adipose tissue until needed, at which time castle are damaged down to a molecule the glycerol and three molecules of fatty acid. The latter integrate with albumin, a protein in blood plasma, and are lugged in the bloodstream to sites the utilization. Triglycerides additionally serve together insulation and padding for organs in animals.

…acids in the diet is triglycerides, generically dubbed fats. In humans, fat constitutes vital part of the diet,...

Many vegetable triglycerides (oils) room liquid in ~ room temperature, unequal those the animals; in addition, castle contain a greater selection of fatty acids. Vegetable oils can be hardened through treatment through hydrogen under pressure.

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In alkali, triglycerides are broken down (saponified) to form glycerol and three molecules of soap (salts that the fatty acids).