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Looking to identify/date a Harrington 12 gauge - appears to be design 1908 - serial number ~ above barrel: 977603 --- serial number behind/below cause assembly/stock: A977603. Believed at first that the \"A\" designated produce in 1940 - yet we suspected the it to be older - belonged to my grandfather.. Read elsewhere that the \"A\" was also used previously/earlier; did not represent \"year\". Help?Thanks and Regards,M Shiver




Gotta fuss in ~ you. In the heading come your post you say simply a Harrington. There to be no Harrington, it\"s Harrington & Richardson, I have the right to see the surname on the total in photograph. Now my serial number-year made tables for Harrington & Richardson shotguns don\"t go that high (977603) but that\"s the number on the gun. The highest number is because that a model 1905 is 462,001+ because that 1940 so her gun must have been made after 1940.
no worries around the fuss - there was minimal room in the heading - and also being brand-new at this i didn\"t realize the significance. Anyhow, evaluate your response, and i\"ll shot to execute some more research.edit: ns don\"t watch that i have the capacity to modify the heading that the thread - however if a mod/admin would prefer to perform so it\"s certainly ok v me.
No problem,I\"m simply old (81) and naturally fussy. I understand what girlfriend meant. That does make a difference about the names, names have the right to be close and also come from various manufactures.
nramuseum website.. Follow to the table the serial# falls coincides to 1941. However the \"A\" prefix denotes 1940.. Therefore a slight discrepancy - but perhaps a close enough estimation.also:

( ... Acture.pdf‎ )my father to be born in \"46, and can no recall what year his father got the gun (though that feels that he to be told at part point, and also whether it was purchased new or used, etc). Anyhow, secret solved, i suppose (unless anyone has contradictory information)?
Ned, how late go H&R usage the \"Bay State\" brand name? I have actually a only State gun, which, though clearly of H&R manufacture, is not significant with the Harrington & Richardson name. It also has a case-hardened frame. I\"ve presume it was made in the inter-war period.
I don\"t think lot of the information listed so far. The present agency obviously doesn\"t understand what few of its predessors to be doing 100+ year ago. My model 1905, 44 Caliber, has an A prefix come the serial number.
From what I see in old catalogues and also advertising, the model 1900 through a removable hinge-pin takedown was replaced by the design 1908, a gun that took down into three pieces v a snap-on/off forearm, throughout 1908. Ns don\"t see version 1900s in catalogues or being advertised ~ 1908. Native 1912 S,D & G --
Similarly the tiny frame design 1905 v the removable hinge-pin take down was changed by the version 1915, throughout that year, also a gun v a solved hinge-pin that took down by way of a snap-on/off forearm. 1924 H & R catalogue --
Circa 1931, H & R went from using design 1908 and also Model 1915 come No. 5 and also No. 8 and the heavy-breech version of the model 1908 came to be the No. 6. Over there was additionally a hammerless No. 3. The No. 2 was essentially a No. 8 however with checkered wood and also a matted optimal rib, readily available in 12-, 16- and also 20-gauges. They introduced a No. 4 folding pistol in a light-frame .410-bore and a heavy structure in .410 or 12-gauge. And, finally the cheaper gun, the just State solitary Barrel, through walnut finished lumber stock and also forearm, came to be the No. 7, listing in ~ $8.80, while the walnut stocked No. 8 noted at $11.50.1932 Stoeger catalogue --
This pretty lot remained the offerings till WW-II. Through 1948 the only H & R solitary barrel was the Topper.
a many of great info over there Researcher01; however i\"m not sure whether you average to say that the estimate of \"40-\"41 on my HR is most likely accurate, or inaccurate..?
From the file available come me, and there definitely are gaps in my H & R paper, the cheaper just State total was readily available from 1929 come WW-II. The said, your serial number of A977603 certainly doesn\"t match up v that serial number perform from the NRA Museum. Ns don\"t understand of any better H & R serial number list, so all I have the right to say is between 1929 and also 1942.
I just realized why mine H & R serial number-year make table just goes approximately 1940 and also I require a good slap to the head. Mine reference and it claims so appropriate on the title page, was composed to cover weapons made native 1865 to 1940. And also no, I have no idea what duration H & R made only State guns however it had to be before 1940 or the surname wouldn\"t it is in in the reference. If you will article the serial number, among us right here on the forum deserve to tell you once a certain gun was made (up come 1940).
interestingly - despite you have the right to not view it from the picture - the serial number top top the barrel is NOT came before by the \"A\" - so there is a slim discrepancy top top the pistol itself..
The record doesn\"t specify - however there\"s a connect to the document under the an initial table (pic) that i posted ^ in this subject if you desire to check it out.
I\"ve make the efforts that link several times and also all I acquire is \"Server Error Application\"!!My tiny 44 Caliber design 1905 is the very same way, an A prefix come the serial number on the tang, but no A prefix ~ above the barrel.

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Well dang the the link is broken.. But fortunately i downloaded the - I\"ll placed up a momentary dropbox link to the paper so friend guys deserve to download it - will certainly leave it as lengthy as possible (but ns have restricted space therefore it will be \"live\" because that no an ext than a few days native this post). Will obtain it up in a couple of minutes..
Interesting. Some of the job-related on that list is best on, and also other locations whoever put that together must have been on acid!! Under the J. Stevens eight Co. The No. 335, 345 and 385 space terribly wrong, and also the don\"t perform the 355, 365 or 375. The Stevens No. 385 was no made from 1912 to 1931, much more like 1910 to perhaps 1916, and also only a grasp made, definitely not 67500!!
Under the Ithaca pistol Co. Castle don\"t even mention the NIG (New Ithaca Gun) hammer gun or the Lewis or Minier model hammerless guns.Being a cost-free list, the is worth what friend pay for it!! :roll:
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