Batman: Arkham Asylum Guide - Walkthrough

Arkham North 2

You see the Riddle: “Tweedledum and Tweedledee SAW it, can you SEE it?” as you enter the zone. You also see that the plants pods are here as well, and in the CS you see that there is a sniper you need to worry about.

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So first thing"s first – the sniper... Sort of...

Head to the left until you reach the wall that blocks access to the left side path along the edge of the building and zip over it, kill the plant pod here and then hit the zip point to the balcony and then the zip point to the roof. Now target the guard tower across from you with your Line Launcher, zip to it, then target the door behind the sniper with your Line Launcher and zip to it, drop down next to the sniper and take him out. Kill the three Dancing Teeth here, then zip back to the Guard Tower with your Launcher so we can take care of the vermin below before we continue on with the mission!

Start by taking out the Lunatics and pods as you find them but be methodical about this. As you work your way to the north, stop at the teeter-totter and scan that to solve the Riddle for this area, unlocking their Bio entry as part of your reward. See that security forcefield to the left of the gate? Zip up there and hack the control box for a Riddler Trophy and the Arkham Inmates Character Trophy – sweet!

Now look to the building on your right as you exit this room – there is a window with a zip-point so zip to that and hey! A stone! Scan it to get the tenth message from The Spirit of Arkham and give that a listen, then check your map – still some ?"s dancing around!

Hit the zip-point to the wrecked floor above, then scoot around to the door to the access corridor and take it, then immediately turn around and go back and you will get the Riddle: “Now I see it, now you don"t.” Arkham North has more than one Riddle!

To get this one, move back to the broken floor and drop all the way to the ground, then exit the building through the arch and immediately turn around. If you look up you will see that the top half of a question mark is on the bottom of the arches capstone, and the bottom half of the mark is on the bottom of that broken floor. Line them up and scan to solve this Riddle!

Zip back up to the Access Corridor door and go through, then turn around and re-enter Arkham North to get the Riddle: “Lets face it, there are two Dents on the wall.” You might be wondering why I keep having you zone in and out, right? Well the reason is to force a complete save so that if you end up getting killed you do not lose your progress. In theory every time you get something you get a save, but in practice sometimes it doesn"t really save – whereas zoning is a guaranteed full save so... Better safe than having to wonder what Riddle/item we got and now do not got, right?

Now exit the ruins and run south and you will see two guard houses on either side of the path – the one you want is on the right (west) and has an active security forcefield on it. Hack that and go inside, target the posters on the wall and scan them to solve the Riddle. Now turn around and pick up the Patient Interview tape on the desk – this is the final tape for The Joker! Give that a listen, and then exit the guard shack and look to the left – see the guard tower there?

Zip up to the catwalk of the guard tower – not the roof – and then load your Line Launcher and target the alcove above the weakened wall section on the building to the west and zip across to pick up a Riddler Trophy. There is another Trophy behind that weakened wall but we cannot get that right now.

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Finish off the rest of the pods and any Lunatics that you missed, then zip to the top of the east guard tower – the one with the searchlight on top, face north and turn on Detective Mode. See that glint of orange on top of the cliff there? That is a Riddler Trophy! Do a running glide and land right next to it, and pick it up for an easy 200 XP and that is it for here for now. Head back to the tower we just glided off of but this time use its catwalk and target the sniper"s perch with your Line Launcher. Zip across and enter the Maintenance Access room.