There are couple of things the SEC fans will gain along about during college football season, but there"s one team that brings lock all with each other in late October.

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Generally by late October in the love of the SEC football schedule, there's not a lot you'll discover Alabama and Tennessee pan agreeing on. Or Auburn and Georgia fans. Or Alabama and Auburn pan for that matter.

But this year especially, there's one point has civilization all throughout the southeast joined on and also that's the Atlanta Braves. 

On Saturday night together Alabama to be handling organization for the 15th straight win end Tennessee, the Braves were all at once winning the National organization pennant versus the Dodgers in Atlanta and clinching their very first World collection appearance beer-selection.comnce 1999. 

Videos surfaced on society media the Alabama students act the chop together they left the stadium. On Sunday afternoon, Alabama basketball front Noah Gurley i found it a reporter wearing a Braves hat in the postgame presser because that the Crimson Tide's exhibition versus Louibeer-selection.comana. 




As that left the room, Gurley pointed at the hat and also said he preferred it, including a, "chop on." The Furman transfer is originally from Fayetteville, Georgia. 

The south-east is in a distinctive environment for sports with a much bigger pasbeer-selection.comon for collegiate sports than expert sports in some areas because there space so couple of pro groups in the region. There are no major league skilled teams in football, basketball, baseball or hockey in Alabama, Misbeer-selection.comsbeer-selection.comppi, southern Carolina or Arkansas. 

Check any kind of social media feeding while the Braves space playing in the playoffs, and also you're most likely to uncover fans and media indigenous Georgia, Ole Miss, Tennessee, Alabama, Auburn, Florida or south Carolina every tweeting around the Braves. 

I acknowledge that not every SEC fan is also a Braves fan. Clearly the farther out you acquire from Atlanta, the much more likely the is that someone has actually an allegiance come a different team. Plenty of Texas A&M and LSU fans likewise support the Houston Astros. Arkansas and Missouri fans space closer to the St. Luigi Cardinals. Kentucky and big Blue country are closest come the Cincinnati Reds.

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But "Braves Country" extend far throughout the southeast v the unique capability to bring together fans from various college teams. And as the World collection begins in Houston top top Tuesday, these fans are all set to party prefer it's 1999.

Generally by so late October in the love of the SEC soccer schedule, there's not a many you'll find Alabama and Tennessee fans agreeing on. Or Auburn and Georgia fans. Or Alabama and Auburn fans for that matter. Subscribe for complete article