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Of all the elements in the regular table, gold is the one that people seem come love the many for that is colour, the rarity and also its physics properties (it is ideal for make coins). It’s not surprising, because of this that gold is a common an allegory for human being or points of high quality. Today we will certainly look at part phrases connected with this idea.

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If us say the someone or other is worth your weight in gold, we median that they are extremely useful. Interestingly, this expression deserve to be offered to define things that perform not have actually a physics weight:

A good assistant is worth their weight in gold.

The results of this research study were worth your weight in gold.

If we describe something together the gold standard, we typical it is the best thing of its kind, while the golden age of other is the duration of time once it was most successful:

These trials are the gold conventional for testing brand-new vaccines.

The 1930s were the golden age of detective fiction.

Similarly, a golden girl/boy is someone that is really popular and also successful, when someone v a heart of gold is incredibly kind:

He is at this time the golden boy of Spanish football.

My neighbour has a love of gold.

There are number of expressions that emphasis on the idea the gold together treasure. For instance, if friend strike gold, you all of sudden become really rich or successful. If someone thinks the the roads are led with gold, castle think (usually wrongly) the it is simple to become rich in a place. Similarly, we usage the expression a pot/crock of gold at the finish of the rainbow to describe something the is very desirable, yet impossible to get:

The tape struck gold v their 3rd album.

I involved America due to the fact that I heard the roadways were led with gold.

He invested his life save in the business, believing there would be a crock of yellow at the finish of the rainbow.

Gold digger is a very an adverse phrase because that someone who forms relationships through rich civilization in stimulate to obtain money native them, and also a golden goose (or the goose the lays the golden eggs) is miscellaneous that makes you rich and also continues to make you rich for a lengthy time:

His second wife to be nothing yet a gold digger.

The partnership in between the two singers proved to be the goose the laid the gold egg.

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The expression like yellow dust (UK)/gold (US) focuses on the idea of gold being desirable however rare:

Good decorators are prefer gold dust in ~ the moment.

I hope you will certainly take this golden opportunity to learn some useful phrases, and remember the a golden rule because that language finding out is come read, speak and listen as lot as possible!