ORANGEBURG, S.C. (AP) — an 800-pound alligator has actually been recorded in southern Carolina, one of the largest captured in the state in recent years.

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The Times and also Democrat the Orangeburg reports ( ) the Jonathan Smith and finance Melissa Davis pulled in the gator ~ fighting the for hours on Lake Marion last Saturday. It to be 12-feet 10-inches long and also weighed 806 pounds.

Jay Butfiloski the the department of herbal Resources claims there’s no main listing that the biggest alligators recorded in the state. He states some civilization estimate the sizes and weighing the big animals is one inexact science.

A Massachusetts mrs reported trapping a 1,025-pound alligator six years earlier while a 755-pound gator was caught last year – both ~ above Lake Marion.

Smith’s alligator will be stuffed and the meat donated to charity.


Information from: The time & Democrat,

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