In this article, us will discover out if there are any omnivorous snakes. We’ll check out what snakes typically eat in the wild, and also why snakes space mandatory carnivores. Then us will watch some types of snakes that feed ~ above fish, insects and also eggs to survive.

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Are there any omnivorous snakes?

No, over there aren’t omnivorous snakes that we understand about. By definition, no snake is herbivorous or omnivorous. Unlike other reptiles, such together turtles and iguanas, all snakes room “mandatory carnivores.” This method that they must consume animal matter to survive. Return there space thousands the different species of snakes, lock all have this characteristics in common.

Most owner of line feed their pets with mice and rats as they space readily available and have an excellent nutritional value. Yet some human being find feeding the snakes rather unpleasant and also want to recognize if such a thing as vegetarian snakes exists or if over there are any type of omnivorous snakes. Feeding the snake vegetables would certainly be lot easier.

Snakes are mandatory carnivores, which way they eat rodents. Some, like environment-friendly snakes, space insectivorous. Water snakes and garter snakes prefer to eat fish. Egg-eating snakes space close to a vegetarian snake. They space a great pet selection if you want to protect against feeding the gnawing snakes altogether.


Most snakes typically eat mammals as a substantial part of their diet. In captivity, snake owner usually pick to feed their snakes frozen and also thawed rats and also mice. In the wild, a snake have the right to feast top top voles, chipmunks, chipmunks, chipmunks, or even bats, for example.

However, the is rare for a line to feed specifically on mammals. Wild snakes regularly have diverse diets and also eat a wide variety of animals.

These may include the following:

Insects (such together termites, cockroaches, and also worms)BirdsOther snakesLizardsAmphibians (such together frogs, toads, and tadpoles)FishesSome snakes additionally eat eggs, consisting of bird eggs, fish eggs, reptile eggs, and also even insect eggs. Although many snakes eat eggs in enhancement to various other foods, part feed specifically on eggs.

So it depends on what you think about “vegetarian” or “vegan.” If you consider that egg are suitable for a vegetarian or vegan diet, climate there are, strict speaking, part vegetarian snakes.

Why space snakes causing obligation carnivores?

To begin, let’s look in ~ the 3 main varieties of diet that pets can have.

Herbivores (such as horses and also turtles) strictly eat plants and also plant materials. Your diets can encompass grass, tree bark, fruits, vegetables, and also foliage. Their digestive systems room designed come digest plants and also extract nutrients from them.

Omnivores (such as humans and also bears) can digest both plant and also animal matter. Some types are primarily herbivorous, just eating little amounts of pet matter indigenous time come time. Others are the other method around.

Carnivores (such as dolphins, lions, and also snakes) consume purely animal meat and other pet materials (such as eggs). Causing obligation or “true” carnivores feed solely on animals and cannot digest any plant matter. Facultative carnivores (like dogs) thrive on meat but can make it through on plants.

Snakes are mandatory carnivores. They have the right to only digest animal matter and do not have the physiological volume to process plants. due to the fact that of this, snake will just see animals and also animal products (such as eggs) together food. If you offered a carrot to a snake, it would certainly not identify it as food and would ignore it.


If a snake ate plant matter, it wouldn’t be very successful. Line swallow their food whole and do not have teeth qualified of chewing. Because that this reason, they can not grind or decompose plant matter.

We must additionally consider the digestive mechanism of snakes. Plants take it a long time to decompose within the gut, for this reason herbivores have really long intestinal tracts. Snakes’ intestines space short and unable come digest plants.

For the reason, feeding her snake vegetable or fruits can kill it. you wouldn’t be able to extract any kind of nutrients from her food, and you would at some point starve.

What form of snake doesn’t eat rodents?

So now we recognize that the answer come the concerns “are there any type of omnivorous snakes” and also “can you buy vegetarian line food?” it is a for sure “no.”

Snakes are carnivorous and also can only eat pet matter. If you room vegetarian or vegan and also this does no suit you, you may want to pick a different form of pet.

As girlfriend know, most snake owners usually choose to feed their gnawing snakes.

This is for two main reasons:

Nutrition. Rodents space the clip diet of most snakes that are frequently kept together pets. This consists of rat snakes, mole snakes, boa constrictors, and also ball pythons, to name a few. Because that these popular pets, rodents carry out all the nutrition they will need. They will certainly gladly accept a frozen and also thawed rodent, and there is no need to supplement their diet with anything else.

Availability. because rats and mice give birth quickly and are easy to treatment for, they room widely available. There are numerous sites virtual that sell pre-killed frozen rats and mice, all set to be shipped to her doorstep.

However, no all snakes have to be fed rats and mice to grow in captivity. If you check out rodents together friends and you can’t be afflicted with the thought of feeding them to your pet snake, there room some alternatives. Certain varieties of snakes deserve to subsist on diet of fish, insects, and also eggs.

Snakes the eat fish

Some species of snakes live close to bodies that water and also naturally hunt because that food there. These species naturally feed on fish and fish egg as component of your diet in the wild.

Not every one of them are an ideal as pets, yet some make good companions.

Examples that snakes the eat fish include the following:

1) Cottonmouths (Water moccasins)


If you live in the unified States, you have probably heard that cottonmouths (also well-known as water moccasins). They are certainly not suitable as pets, since they are really poisonous.

However, they are a good example that a fish-eating snake. Their types name, piscivorous, literally means “fish-eater.” due to the fact that they live in and also near water, fish and also frogs make up the bulk of their diet. The said, they also eat mammals and birds opportunistically.

2) Water snakes


Water snake are typically mistaken because that cottonmouths in the wild, according to the college of Florida. However, they are much an ext docile and not poisonous.

Again, favor cottonmouths, a water snake’s diet consists primarily the fish. In captivity, water snake live ~ above guppies, silversides, and also even pieces of bigger fish prefer trout. Water snakes room not especially typical as pets, however you can uncover them from committed breeders.

3) Garter snakes


Snakes are one of the most common wild snakes in the unified States, follow to Pennsylvania State University. Lock are little in size, generally not exceeding 3 feet in size when they room adults.

Snakes make great pets and also enjoy a varied diet, including fish. A league of pets have the right to live off guppies, earthworms, and larger chunks of fish. However, the is an excellent practice to additionally feed garter snakes v the occasional little finger (mouse). If you don’t, you must supplement your diet v calcium and vitamin powder (which you deserve to use come cover her food).

Snakes that eat insects

If friend don’t feel choose feeding your snake fish, probably the insects would be better for you. Some snakes room insectivorous by nature, and also they happily eat insects in their organic diet.

Again, not all insectivorous snake make fantastic pets, however some of them deserve to be retained in captivity.

1) Green snakes


These adorable small snakes make an excellent pets and can easily feed on an insect diet. There room two varieties. The smooth green snake grows to around 2 feet long, and the rough green snake is larger (3 feet). Both feed mainly on wild insects.

You have the right to feed lock crickets, v occasional supplements of earthworms, moths, and spiders. You should likewise sprinkle her food v calcium occasionally.

2) Brown snakes


Brown snake are likewise known together De Kay’s snakes. Like eco-friendly snakes, brown snakes room quite little and mainly feed top top insects.

In the wild, lock fed ~ above invertebrates such together slugs, snails, caterpillars, and earthworms. If you can obtain your hand on a continuous source of these insects, brown line make an excellent pets.

Both green and also brown snakes, however, are fairly shy and prefer no to it is in handled.

3) Brahminy blind Snakes


Brahminy remote snakes are seldom kept together pets, however they may be an ideal for world who desire a small snake the is maintained small.

Native come Africa and also Asia, these little snakes room as huge as earthworms, 2 come 4 customs long. They space blind and also feed solely on insect larvae, pupae, and eggs.

Snakes the eat eggs

Finally, part snakes consume eggs together a natural component of your diet. However, many snakes can not live on eggs alone. Corn snakes, hognose snakes, bull snakes, and garter line eat egg in the wild.

But the egg alone don’t provide enough nutritional value for these snakes. Even if you had actually them as pets, girlfriend would have to feed lock meat indigenous time to time.

There are just two varieties of line in the human being that eat egg alone. They space the afri egg-eating line (Dasypeltis sp.) and the Indian egg-eating snake (Elachistodon westermanni). If you consider eggs to be vegetarian friendly, then these space the only vegetarian snakes in the world.

Indian egg-eating snake are quite rare and also are not kept as pets. However, afri egg-eating snakes are occasionally sold together pets and are reasonably easy to treatment for.

African egg-eating line – As the surname implies, african egg-eating snakes feed solely on bird eggs. They do not have actually teeth and also instead have actually bony spikes ~ above the within of your spines.

The eggs room swallowed whole, climate pounded and the shells regurgitated. African egg-eating snake are discovered in number of species, yet they space all an extremely similar. Its colour different from yellow-tan to brown, to black. Most types do not exceed 3 feet in length.

Unlike any other snake in the world, bird eggs carry out egg-eating snakes through all their nutritional needs. If you can uncover them because that sale, they are perfect option for those who wish to have a line without having actually to feed it dead animals.

The only difficulty may come from the source of the food. The chicken eggs are too large, so you will have to find a source of quail eggs or smaller sized ones.



In this article, we discovered out the there aren’t any kind of omnivorous snakes. Us explored what snakes commonly eat in the wild, and why snakes are mandatory carnivores. Then we defined some species of snakes that feed top top fish, insects and eggs come survive.

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You have to remember that there aren’t any vegetarian or omnivorous snakes. Unlike other reptiles, such together turtles and iguanas, all snakes are “mandatory carnivores.” This method that they have to consume animal matter come survive. Although there room thousands the different types of snakes, castle all have actually this characteristics in common.