The Kmart Most beneficial Players baseball card collection was released in 1982. The collection consisted of 44 baseball cards and each map from the 1982 Kmart Most valuable Players baseball card set is noted below. Note: Baseball cards i beg your pardon featured a player who did not show up in a regular season game during the many recently perfect season, execute not attach to their significant league statistics.

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"Collectors often decried exactly how money had destroyed their hobby, making it hard for them to form meaningful friendships through their cards. Money, however, do the hobby not only profitable but also an ext serious, an ext instrumental, and also therefore an ext manly. The very same collectors who complained around greed frequently bragged in the exact same interview about the value of their cards. Yet money, in turn, make the hobby much less akin come child's play and an ext like work: lonely, competitive, unfulfilling, and alienating." - author John Bloom in A home of Cards (1997)

1982 Kmart Most an important Players


1982 Kmart MVP collection (#22 Johnny Bench)

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#Card DescriptionNotesPic
1Mickey Mantle
2Maury Wills
3Elston Howard
4Sandy Koufax
5Brooks Robinson
6Ken Boyer
7Zoilo Versalles
8Willie Mays
9Frank Robinson
10Roberto ClementeBob Clemente ~ above Card
11Carl Yastrzemski
12Orlando Cepeda
13Denny McLain
14Bob Gibson
15Harmon Killebrew
16Willie McCovey
17Boog Powell
18Johnny Bench
19Vida Blue
20Joe Torre
21Dick AllenRich Allen on Card
22Johnny Bench
23Reggie Jackson
24Pete Rose
25Jeff Burroughs
26Steve Garvey
27Fred Lynn
28Joe Morgan
29Thurman Munson
30Joe Morgan
31Rod Carew
32George Foster
33Jim Rice
34Dave Parker
35Don Baylor
36Keith Hernandez
37Willie Stargell
38George Brett
39Mike Schmidt
40Rollie Fingers
41Mike Schmidt
42Don Drysdale
43Hank Aaron
44Pete Rose
#Card DescriptionNotesPic

1982 Kmart Most an important Players| bolder = HOF | research study by Baseball Almanac



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