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Today us are back talking around one of ours favourite Japanese vehicle manufacturers, Honda.

In particular, we room looking come answer the inquiry “are there any RWD Hondas?”

Honda Is famed For FWD

If you’re looking for response to this question, climate you’re probably currently aware that Honda is famous for FWD.

Apart indigenous Renault, probably no various other manufacturer has actually done more to development ‘performance FWD’ 보다 Honda.

While most world associate performance v RWD (or perhaps even AWD this days) there is no doubt the Honda has made huge strides in regards to making former wheel drive additionally synonymous v performance and also power.

The Honda Civic kind R is pretty much the last word in FWD performance, specifically impressive once you think about that the is a practical, reliable, comfortable vehicle that can conveniently be supplied every day and additionally purchased because that a an extremely reasonable price.

Other legend FWD Hondas encompass the Integra form R and the Accord. The perform goes on and also on.

But has actually Honda made any RWD cars?

Yes – there are RWD Hondas. While Hondas RWD choice is fairly slim, it features a couple of true “heavy hitters”, namely the Honda S2000 and the Honda NSX.

The Honda S2000 is among the many beloved 2 seat roadsters of all time, and also famous because that its terrific handling and high-revving engine (with one of the highest outputs every litre of any naturally aspirated engine in history).

It yes, really is a superb “riff” on the standard roadster formula (RWD, naturally aspirated engine, manual gearbox). As such, prices have been soaring for Honda S2000s; if you’re thinking of buying one, then consult our Honda S2000 buyer’s guide here.

Another famous couple of RWD Hondas are the very first and 2nd generation NSX. The first generation NSX was Honda’s answer come the Ferraris and Lamborghinis that the world and also one that the ideal cars that the 1990s. You have the right to read our first gen Honda NSX buyer’s guide right here for more information top top this superb supercar.

Other RWD Hondas have typically fallen right into the Honda “S” family of little roadsters (primarily developed for the Japanese residential market).

Examples include the Honda Beat:

Credit: 韋駄天狗

As you deserve to see, outside of the Honda S2000 and also first-gen NSX, Honda’s RWD to be always reasonably limited!

Does Honda at this time Make any type of RWDs?

Yes; but only one – the Honda S660.

The S660 is the spiritual follower to the Honda Beat; a pint-sized “Kei” automobile roadster (Japan has special tax rules the incentivise the property of small cars in the Japanese domestic Market – learn much more about why Japan has actually such little cars here).

The Vamos Hobio Kei truck finished production in 2018, leaving the S660 as the only RWD Honda that we recognize of.

The second generation NSX is in reality all wheel drive (AWD) therefore no much longer qualifies.


While Honda could be synonymous with front-wheel drive performance, over there is no denying the truth that Honda has additionally produced some superb RWD cars, namely the NSX and also S2000 – two of the best sports cars ever before produced.

Although Honda have actually basically stated that they won’t be developing any much more RWD cars (even your flagship supercar, the 2nd generation NSX, is every wheel drive) we are grateful for their contribution.

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What is your favourite RWD Honda? Leave us a comment below – we would love come hear native you.