Vorkath OSRS have the right to be dealt with again ~ you finish Dragon Slayer II. At this time, he is stronger than before. You have to note that Vorkath’s mountain pool quickfire barrage, self-destruction spawn and also insta-kill vertical dragonfire attacks can death you immediately. You do not worry about that, right here we room going come share information related come the finest shield to use versus Vorkath.

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Best Shield for Fighting Vorkath

Here room some best shields for fighting Vorkath:

Anti-Dragon Shield


Anti-dragon shield is a shield offered by fight it out Horacio throughout the Dragon Slayer i quest. After ~ the quest, the shield is able to be bought native Oziach, or acquired from battle each other Horacio for free. The shield can trade, but can just be equipped if the player has started Dragon Slayer I.

In fact, this Anti-dragon shield reduce the results of dragonfire, reduce the maximum struggle of most dragon-breath attacks by 80%. Also, it stays clear of Elvarg from substantially draining the player’s combat stats. The results of antifire medicine stack through the anti-dragon shield gives full protection from conventional dragonfire attacks. The melee and ranged defensive bonuses of shield are comparable to those of an stole sq shield. However, this shield additionally gives Magic defence and has no attack penalties. This provides it several usefulness as an all-purpose shield.

Use a hammer and anvil. The players through 90 Smithing can connect a draconic visage to an anti-dragon shield to do a dragonfire shield. Doing the will approve 2,000 Smithing experience. The players there is no the compelled level space able to bring the contents to Oziach, who can help in make the shield for a payment of 1,250,000 coins.

Once Dragon Slayer II is complete, a skeleton visage is able come be merged with the anti-dragon shield in a comparable fashion, making a Dragonfire ward. In addition to having actually their own distinct traits, both of these shields inherit the anti-dragon shield’s properties.

Dragonfire Shield


Dragonfire shield is an upgraded Anti-dragon shield. The is widely taken into consideration as among the ideal shields in the video game of OSRS, after ~ the Elysian soul shield and Dinh’s bulwark. To usage it, a Defence level of 75 (at least) is required, as well as having began Dragon Slayer I. The Dragonfire shield has actually two special characteristics. The Dragonfire shield acts prefer a regular anti-dragon shield in dragonfire protection. Also, it protects against the icy breath the wyverns, very same with the dragonfire ward, elemental, mind and old wyvern shields.

Dragonfire shield is distinctive in regards to Defence. When uncharged, the Dragonfire shield is tradeable and additionally offers little more defences 보다 a mithril sq shield. But, when fully charged, the shield is among the finest shields in the game of OSRS. To charge a Dragonfire shield, you room going to need to absorb dragonfire strikes while wearing it. Remember the every absorption effectively boosts that defences through +1, to a height of a +50 Defence increase. But, that Magic Defence is walk to stay the same.

This Dragonfire shield OSRS is make by it is registered a draconic visage to an anti-dragon shield at any anvil. The process needs 90 Smithing and a hammer, offering 2,000 Smithing experience and an uncharged dragonfire shield. If you perform not have the forced Smithing level to create the Dragonfire shield, for this reason you are able to go to Oziach in Edgeville, who will blacksmith the shield for any kind of player who has currently completed Dragon Slayer I. The cost is 1,250,000 coins. Then, draconic visage is dropped by most dragons, not included the green dragons, red dragons, blue dragons, bronze dragons, brutal green dragons and all baby dragons.

Dragonfire Ward


Dragonfire ward is a ranged shield that needs a Ranged level that 70 and a Defence level of 75 come equip, and having started Dragon Slayer. The Dragonfire ward supplies two special characteristics. The Dragonfire ward acts favor a continual anti-dragon shield in dragonfire protection. Also, that protects versus the icy breath the Wyverns, very same with the element mind, ancient wyvern, and also dragonfire shields.

For her information, Dragonfire ward is do by it is registered a bones visage to an anti-dragon shield at any type of anvil. The process needs 90 Smithing and a hammer, offering 2,000 Smithing experience and an uncharged dragonfire ward. If you carry out not have actually the required Smithing level to develop the Dragonfire ward, then you are able to walk to Oziach in Edgeville, that will smith the ward for any kind of player. The price is 1,250,000 coins. Later, the skeleton visage is to reduce by Vorkath exclusively.

Strategy in Fighting Vorkath

After Vorkath is awakening, his strike consists of 6 random attacks, six random typical attacks, one unique attack, and also other one-of-a-kind attack. Transparent the kill, you need to keep run off and use manage click to run. Offensively, he has actually 560 Attack, 308 Strength/Ranged, 150 Magic, +16 melee, +150 magic and +78 ranged accuracy. Defensively, he has a Defence level that 214, +26 stab/ranged, +108 slash/crush and +240 magic defence bonus. This renders him comparable to many dragons in OSRS together he is weak against the stab melee and ranged.

The effective protection prayer to use based upon the gear being used:

Protect indigenous Magic if you usage Melee, a toxicity blowpipe, book of legislation or at sight antifire potion.Protect native Missiles if you usage a crossbow along a Dragonfire ward, Dragonfire shield, Anti-dragon shield, or supervisor antifire potion.

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Vorkath OSRS has the capability to hit approximately 30 through magic, and 32 through melee and ranged. His melee attacks are really accurate. Friend must have actually quick-prayers set according to your combat style and also weapon kind to reactivate you once deactivated through Pink dragonfire. Aside from that, you additionally need to be all set to click two spaces away if Vorkath provides his insta-kill vertical dragonfire attacks. In addition, that will be able to poison you through his gift dragonfire. Save in mind the pink dragonfire have the right to turn turn off every solitary active prayer. For this case, magnificent potions are an extremely recommended over normal potions.