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Flea sector Guide

The flea market provides you a opportunity to by her villagers" stuff and sell your stuff to them.

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What is the Flea Market?

The flea industry is a special event where you can ask come buy various other villagers" furniture, and they canask to buy yours. You are permitted to set the price for just how much you space willing to sell the furniturefor, yet the villagers could not desire to salary the amount that you"re asking. Similarly, villagers willset the price that they desire to gain in exchange for their furniture. Occasionally you won"t it is in able toget the deals that you want at the flea market, but it"s worth a try.

When is the flea market?

It occurs on the very first Saturday that a few specific months. It starts in ~ 6AM and lasts till 6AM the nextday.

Where to go to sell your items

To market items, simply stay in the main room of her house, and also throughout the job you will gain random access time from villagers in your town. Every villager will come to your house, yet each villager only visitsonce. Every character the you have in your video game will acquire one visit from a villager top top Flea sector day.But if a villager is sick, or in the procedure of relocating in or out, then that villager will certainly not participate.

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How come Prepare before the Flea Market

The villager will certainly only shot to buy points from the key room in her house, so before the flea market,you should take into consideration removing the furniture items indigenous the main room that you perform not want to sell.

How to market things because that high prices

The maximum that a villager will certainly pay for an item is 3 times the revenue price, however this relies on how an excellent your friendship is with each villager. If you perform not have actually a great relationship with a villager, you will certainly not have the ability to sellyour items for that much.

How come sell more than 3 things

Normally, a villager will avoid buying stuff after buying three things. However you have the right to make the villagerbuy more things if you leave the main room and come earlier again. However, this only works if girlfriend have had actually at the very least one growth to your house. The won"t work-related if you go into the attic.

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What must I sell?

Animals room attracted to much more rare and expensive items. Fossils are often a good choice.

What deserve to I buy native villagers?

If you go into an animal"s house, and also that villager speak you the he or she is selling stuff because that the flea market, that means that you can tap on any kind of furniture items in the room and ask if you have the right to buyit. Sometimes the villager will certainly say no, however you can exit and try again, and the villager mightdecide to market it to you ~ all. Yet sometimes there space items in a villager"s house that the villagerwill not offer to you, no matter what. Villagers deserve to have very rare items in their houses, likeSpotlight items, so don"t miss out on the chance to acquire a rarely item!