Building on our fascination with topics related to well known logos, we rotate our attention to "purple power brands".

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Just in case you to let go it, Pantone claimed Radiant Orchid (Pantone 18-3224) to be the color of 2014, and currently we room seeing logo designs popping up almost everywhere inspired by this brilliant purple color.

This article looks at how a team of well known brands - native Adobe InDesign, Cadbury, Monster, Zoopla and also Hallmark through to sporting activities teams prefer NFL"s Baltimore"s Ravens - have properly used purple together a foundation color for their agency branding.

We hope this ring up offers insight and also a new perspective ~ above this strength color.

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Last month we commemorated by showcasing the ideal purple design by designers. In an article discussing Radiant Orchid we mentioned this the shade of purple will much more than most likely be used as an accent color and also makes a nice enhance to the Pantone 2013 color, Emerald.

But an initial back to basics.

Color Theory

If you don"t recognize it already, purple is a secondary color, an interpretation that it is developed by mix two major colors (red and also blue), and also it is directly opposite eco-friendly on the shade wheel.

Purple is known for it"s glowing saturation - think Yahoo - and also lightness - indigenous violet to pinky hues prefer the color used because that the InDesign logo.This renders green and purple safety colors, which is why they job-related so fine together.

Across the globe, countries use the shade purple to suggest honor, courage, royalty and leadership, faith and also sacredness, and also even is offered as a authorize of mourning in a couple of locations. The shade inspired us novelist Alice Walker who wrote a book turned film titled, The color Purple.

Purple has also been a timeless royal color since ancient times. Violet is a popular choice in the creative industries for marketing, branding, design and PR agencies. Spiritual teams use purple in your branding because it has been traditionally associated with religion.

Yet huge brands have different reasons to usage the color purple, mainly because of the universal definitions that the portrays: mystery, regality, sensuality, power, luxury, boldness, and even sentimentality. Part brands just use the shade purple as an accent color, but others usage it together their identify brand color.

While making use of purple in freelance graphic design as a major brand shade may no be the most well-known choice, consumers recognize several large global brands - think Yahoo, Cadbury and also Taco Bell - by their distinct purple logo design.


23 famed Purple Logos ...



Hallmark, the renowned gift card company, uses yellow lettering along with a violet background to help people associate your brand v feelings of nostalgic sentiments and also luxury.



BenQ is a firm that gives high quality monitors, projectors, and also other similar screen technology. Their tagline "Bringing Enjoyment N" high quality of Life" mirrors in your logo; the whimsical form of the logo is the fun, if the shade purple brings the element of quality and also luxury.



Milka is a europe product of the Kraft corporation. The violet background provides the product one honorable and also trustworthy look.



Cadbury is known for the luxurious, almost sensual coco candies, for this reason it just makes feeling that the color purple is its primary brand color.


Baltimore Ravens


The Baltimore Ravens usage a combination of gold and purple as their team colors to denote strength and also power.

ACF Fiorentina


This successful expert football team from Tuscany are often dubbed "Viola" as result of their violet team color. The team has roots in royalty, and also the purple color indicates this history.



Yahoo! is one of the global brands that can conveniently be recognized by your purple color. As an internet search engine giant, second to Google, Yahoo! uses the color purple come evoke emotions of power, boldness, and even a little an enig to encourage a solution of excitement in making use of their engine for online searches. Critical year Yahoo launched a new logo but remained faithful to purple as their brand shade of choice.

LA Lakers


The LA Lakers space a well-known pro basketball team in the US. They are known for your yellow and purple colour to show confidence and boldness in the team.



FedEx is another worldwide organization the is well-known for its violet brand. Their goal is to safely deliver packages in a fashionable manner throughout the world. The shade purple add to a feeling of luxury and sentimentality to their look.

Taco Bell


As a global fast food location that specialization in mexican meals, Taco Bell decided the color purple to aid evoke feeling of nostalgia and also even deluxe to collection it except other quick food places.



Asprey that London is a high-end emporium company that has also supplied royal households with crowns, coronets, and sceptres since the 1700s. The color purple signifies this royal heritage and also luxury.

Wizz Air


Wizz wait is an aviation company based out of Hungary. Gift in the organization of trip in Europe, the shade purple help flyers combine regality and also luxury through Wizz Air.

Lady speed Stick


Lady speed Stick, the feminine deodorant line, provides a lavendar color to portray sensuality, mystery, as well as power for women.



The famed candy company, Wonka, is known for its purple brand color, which distinguishes that from other candy manufacturers. Regality, sentimentality, and even mystery and sensuality are all a part of the association v this brand.



As a project finder company, Monster supplies the color purple to indicate its an effective search tool and also success rate.

Apogee Digital


Apogee is one audio modern technology company that supplies purple to give its client confidence in their luxurious, optimal of the heat products.



Scentsy is one MML-type organization that provides high high quality candles with unique scents. The shade purple is perfect for portraying their brand as peak notch, mysterious, unique, and even sentimental.



Zoopla advertises itself together the "smarter residential property search", so purple helps it to distinguish itself as a powerful, bold, and also top the the line actual estate search tool.

Sacramento Kings


The Sacramento queens were formerly dubbed the Rochester Royals, therefore a purple shade was certainly an easy choice for this expert basketball team.



The brand-new York University uses the shade purple together its primary school color to display its wealthy heritage and an effective academics.

Phoenix Suns


The Phoenix Suns have an exciting logo. It"s exciting in the means they use yellow with purple for the flames on the basketball. Why purple? more than likely, they desire to convey a regal team, full of boldness and confidence.



As a science fiction television station, SYFY understandably decided purple together its logo color. After ~ all, the science fiction genre is known for its secret and sensuality.

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Adobe InDesign


The Adobe InDesign logo design is top top the fuscia side of purple, which gives it more of a feminine quality. The color additionally does fine in making that a an imaginative yet luxurious brand.

In Conclusion

Purple is a slightly quirky take on traditional navy blue - the corporate world"s favorite color - together you deserve to see from the list embracing the color purple has actually been a an innovative choice that has provided the brand a strategy edge. Even if it is you desire brightness or a subtle hue, violet is really versatile color selection for brands looking at logo crowdsourcing. Ns hope that inspires you to look beyond the typical organization color palette and also be bold!

What"s your favorite violet logo? Did us miss any famous purple brands? permit us know in the comments below or make your own purple logo design on!